How Forex Rebates Work

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In the process of people How Forex Rebates Workvestors, there will inevitably cashback forex the probability of the funds being set, so when their own funds are trapped how to do? Today I will talk about the views from three aspects First, according to the position in h premiumrebateforex, the following treatment: 1, lightly hedged investors, you can use the rebound market to unwind out, or reduce positions at a high level; 2, high hedged investors, you can also make a partial reduction of positions at a high level, so that the next wave of the market can occupy the psychological and financial initiative The second bestforexrebaterates based on the technical state of the buy to make The following treatment: 1, if the hedge, the buy in the high must immediately stop cashbackforexreview 2, if the buy in the middle, you can temporarily wait and see according to the situation at the time, in order to unsettle the exit or reduce the loss of positions at high 3, if the buy in the low, there is no need to rush to stop loss, should be bought in the fall after stabilization, in the important support level dare to fill low positions, thinning costs, in the next rebound The third is to make the following treatment according to the trend state of the buy: 1, if the bought in the uptrend, there is no need to stop loss, patiently held for a period of time, will certainly be unset, and even have a greater possibility of profit 2, if the bought in a balanced oscillation trend, there is no need to immediately stop loss, patiently waiting to enter the oscillation cycle high, once unset or 3, if the bought in the downtrend, once the downtrend has been confirmed, should immediately stop loss, never suffer from illusions of any hesitation and hesitation, may be replaced by a deep hedge difficult to extricate For the hedge after the position reduction or cut off, in my experience, investors in such operations, the hands must be hard to be decisive, especially in the downtrend of many investment is in the downtrend of many investments have such an operational experience, after the hedge every day expect to unwind, finally wait until one day to unwind, and reluctantly: I have taken so many days, how also to make some money results missed the best opportunity to close the position, when the market re-entered the decline, and again set finally completely desperate, loss of confidence cut out this is the most taboo in the downtrend after the hedge, no matter how Treatment is a passive operation, unsettlement is certainly the basic skills that investors must master, but investors should focus on the set before, find ways to improve analysis skills and buying and selling level, as far as possible to reduce the number of times the set, always occupy the funds and mindset of the initiative which is the most important