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What is the meaning of foreign exchange white label

Generally speaking for How Forex Rebates Work premiumrebateforex novice beginners we are recommended to choose the regular foreign exchange cashback forex to open an account, but the foreign exchange market has many foreign exchange platform are cashbackforexreview bestforexrebaterates platform, traders need to pay attention to identify a lot of fried foreign exchange beginners are still not clear what is the meaning of foreign exchange white label today to explain what is the meaning of foreign exchange white label  foreign exchange white label refers to a foreign exchange platform to another company The company wants to become a trader to provide labeling services, specifically refers to a foreign exchange trading platform company to another company to provide IT HowForexRebatesWork other services, so that it has its own LOGO logo and its own trademark for customer offers, to become a trader  white label providers will give the cooperation of the company to provide trading software and a full set of foreign exchange tools, as well as information service providers to provide stable background support, so that They have the ability to provide customers with online foreign exchange trading quotes so that the foreign exchange white label companies do not necessarily need to open offices around the business, only to be responsible for promoting and recruiting users to  foreign exchange white label can be divided into three kinds: full white label, semi-white label and limited white label full white label to provide regulatory registration, platform, stable quotation system and market access and a series of services while semi-white label The only thing that provides brand identity, does not provide regulatory registration and other services, meaning that the semi-white label company may not be regulated while the limited white label refers to the customized foreign exchange platform  and foreign exchange white label is the opposite of the foreign exchange master label, is the mainstream of the foreign exchange market foreign exchange platform foreign exchange master label compared to the foreign exchange white label the biggest difference is that the foreign exchange master label has a full set of trading systems, have full access to carry out The second development to join the wind control plug-ins, and supporting the settlement background, in the promotion can be added to the micro-transactions and other plug-ins, completely unrestricted but the cost of the foreign exchange main label is relatively high, only suitable for a certain experience and a certain amount of capital strength of the foreign exchange broker  believe that you through the above introduction has been clear what is the meaning of the foreign exchange white label, usually we do not recommend that traders choose the foreign exchange white label platform The trader is recommended to choose a regular large foreign exchange platform to open an account, so that the safety of funds and various aspects of service will be more secure