How Forex Rebates Work

Warren Buffett to forex traders three inspiration

HowForexRebatesWork Buffett, the planets most successful fundamental best cashbackforexreviewrebaterates long-term investors, there How Forex Rebates Work no one before, cashback forex also difficult to come from may you consider yourself a short term trader, forex premiumrebateforex is also different from stock trading, but you can still learn the lessons of trading from Warren Buffett (I always know I will become rich I never think I have a little doubt about this Warren Buffett) Do the following three things you can become a better forex trader (1) based in Los Angeles, Oaktree Capital Management Ltd (Oaktree Capital Management) chairman Howard & bull; Marks is Warren Buffetts friend for many years, he said: For most investors, there is nothing more painful than Watching others make money while they have nothing to do, but Warren Buffett is not bothered by this, if the opportunity is not good, he watches for fear of missing the opportunity and rush to trade, which is often a trap that people rarely talk about in this era of electronic trading, the market has many opportunities every day, forex traders have more opportunities, because the foreign exchange market daily trading volume of $5 trillion will always have trading opportunities waiting for you, your only The only thing you need to worry about is that when the opportunity comes there is no money available for trading (2) Howard Marks said: Warren Buffett can distinguish from the complexity of things which things are important and which are irrelevant this ability can be seen as an art, but also the results of practice what is important and what is not important is no clear rule, because a particular topic or relevance will sometimes have an effect, and sometimes it will not be the current Greece is a typical example, sometimes the topic of Greece will lead to violent market volatility, but sometimes the market volatility and Greece is completely unrelated, but the Greek issue has been present in the foreign exchange market at present the two most important topics are economic growth and inflation, you should regard them as a compass for trading (3) Warren Buffett is a self-aware person, he is extremely aware of what he is good at and He always stays away from areas he is not good at know yourself and do what you are good at you may be better suited to trading stocks than forex, or you may be better suited to day trading than intraday trading, you may be better at trading gold than crude oil, and so on more learn forex - forex basics, how to speculate on forex questions and answers, please visit: forex learning section