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To trade for a living I paid the price of half a million and a full head of white hair you

to trade for a liv HowForexRebatesWorkg How Forex Rebates Work paid half a million bestforexrebaterates a full head of white hair, from childhood like to read a variety of traditional books, the 36 Strategies and Sun Tzu Art of War premiumrebateforex the favorite, Yin Yang Wu Xing aspects also like freshman contact to foreign exchange transactions, because the former girlfriend abroad, there is a demand for foreign exchange, when the euro changes relatively quickly, exchange losses more, so she thought there could be any way to reduce losses I looked up can I started to buy a variety of foreign exchange books (the authors are foreign, domestic shi like) to learn to speculate on foreign exchange market common, cashbackforexreview common, the library has, about trading techniques, trading psychology are basically read all over, and then, found no use, and can not help me make money, but, also let me understand the basic situation, like playing a game Before watching the plot introduction like then I directly into the gold dry, thanks to cashback forex start on a good platform without the trouble of access to the gold, a platform in Russia, a little foreign exchange experience should have heard I have only used two brokers, the most beginning of Russia, the back of the jump surplus began to deposit, and did not do simulation (not even a day), to be honest, I personally think that simulation is meaningless, just like the soldiers who went to war and in Simulation training of soldiers you think is a class? As long as you control the risk, with a very small number of lots to do the real deal is acceptable, countless times better than the effect of the simulation, and the cost is not large, such as 0.01/0.05 hands However, I started out with the money directly into the pressure, with 0.1 hands to play, play two months, from the initial 500 knives, to 3,000 knives, 3,000 knives after I began to do a one-handed transaction, (I always have a good risk control concept and execution) in 0.1 lot when my risk control is 15 points is not very small? Yes, because I developed my own method is to catch the top of the bottom of the method, in the foreign exchange market when I designed their own set of trading techniques, involving things like fundamental and graphical judgment plus technical indicators, on this method to catch the top of the bottom, very successful, because it is the top and bottom so I designed a very small stop loss, basically less than or equal to 15 points non-ea I think Im still very successful in fact, so. The retraction is also very small young and frivolous who have, I also have, or not considered young and frivolous, things always have peaks, valleys, and peaks, I began to encounter setbacks I through a variety of student network loan platform (thanks to this era), a total of 200,000 borrowed, through the home town loan sharks borrowed 400,000 (very good friends, the family do loan sharks, he and his family believe that our family can afford to pay back even though this is my In my opinion, such a small amount of interest is only five percent per month, which comes casually, and so it is. Then I told my family that I do not want to pay for living expenses, tuition fees I pay for myself, in short, from the first semester of college, my family did not give me a penny (living expenses, tuition fees all earned by themselves, other expenses are also) so put into the foreign exchange market (very Most of the money in the bank card, foreign exchange account without money will be filled in general each time to fill a thousand knife) can manipulate the money more, naturally, not so careful in the past, and then more casual up, each transaction began the first month is to earn 100,000, later I paid a heavy price for my casual, I began to lose, not much loss I still strictly control the risk, each time also 15 points, with A series of losses even two days, no one transaction to earn money, although each fifteen points not much, but, I am impatient, I believe this is the majority of friends and traders have, I began to abandon my trading method, not in accordance with the trading method to trade, and then high positions, and the profit and loss ratio is 3/1 or even worse, the previous profit and loss ratio are 1/3, often reaching 1/6, 1/8, which is to catch the top The benefits of bottoming out, (not recommended for general newcomers to catch the top of the bottom) and so began the nightmare, because of the change of mind, a series of losing transactions, probably lasted two months, so that my funds lost 100,000 (after spitting out what I earned also lost 100,000) This is not the worst then I went out to spend money on travel, with the three thousand dollars I earned before (in addition to save up) to splurge, with the money they earned to splurge feels good. The previous five-star hotel to compare prices to compare prices to go, now directly set, spending and so on is also so the three thousand knife four days spent, went back to make money since really did not take the money out to really experience their own earned, this is the first time, although my previous life to say more extravagant, but this does not let me distressed, borrowed from my favorite book, the stock traders memoirs in a sentence is, as opposed to I think I can earn it back at any time, so I dont think theres anything wrong with spending so much. Say fall also fall, say did not fall also did not fall, why say so? I was on an ordinary book, the teacher is very dedicated, but we all know, speaking of the basic uniform, relative to my own reading, the teacher speaks too backward, our profession into the community, then it does not pay attention to how the university learned, the important thing is a certificate, non-technical, so I said I was behind because I would fail, said I did not fall behind because I learned to the expertise has far exceeded The classroom is back to the subject, the mood after the tour back is very good, so again in accordance with their own set of programs to trade, the effect is good, but has lost 100,000 I can not help but trade a little anxious, think one hand two hands of trading is too slow, and then zoom in, the number of hands zoomed in, I adhere to the 15 points loss has not changed, but the actual amount of loss is magnified, I again face a series of losses When I saw the loss increased psychological discomfort feelings also magnified, in addition, that period of time will often meet wear my stop loss two or three points, and according to my expected to go, and a go is a couple of hundred points, the heart is really a hundred thousand some kind of horse running, that period of time I took my roommate to trade together, my roommate knows best, every time is two or three points, three or four points through the stop loss to go back, my roommate felt that he was unlucky to harm Im embarrassed to continue trading, Im not sure if he influenced me, but, indeed, after taking him to trade on this matter, I do not blame him, but since he gave up I did not say let him come in to meet this kind of thing psychologically irritable, and the instructions of the trading system often soul two or three days did not appear, and then began to messy trading, this time messy trading brought me the most damage, messy trading led me to what the hell mistakes are Committed, really what the hell, you can imagine the mistakes I have made more than once, chasing up and down, short, high-frequency trading high-frequency losing money to continue high-frequency trading, chaotic repositioning, losing the wrong stop loss, losing the wrong number of lots, that time is simply collapse, and the more collapse the more loss, this is the consequences of abandoning the trading system, that time really do not want to follow the routine step by step, only want to take a step to the sky, the system and program Completely put aside that year lost about 400,000, plus the previous 100,000, more than 500,000 (before will also earn, earn the gold out to pay off the loan), the most tragic time in junior only 80,000, and a bunch of debt, but again no overdue any debt I do not know if my real heart is actually want to lose, because I every time in accordance with the trading system after a period of time will be a variety of problems, and then Give up the system, more tragic, in fact, I just follow the system is a steady income, but I do not know which tendon twitch, may be the inner feeling that there is no own decision to make money the thrill, or I itself is to lose although I do not want to admit it, but I have to accept the reality of the first semester of junior year I patiently, the 36 Strategies, Sun Tzus Art of War, the stock master memoirs, Spring and Autumn, I Ching each seriously read The remaining 80,000, with the system step by step, little by little, with three months to earn back a year of losses out of more than 500,000, the beginning of the fourth year of profit 5 million words can not describe the hardships of that time, there is the oppression of debt (600,000 college debt 30,000 interest per month, I can not use words to describe my losses when the pressure, my hair gray half, but quite handsome haha, but I I do not regret what I did, but also thank myself for doing these things), there is a heavy burden of thought (self-inflicted, but also thanks to self-inflicted), there is fear and thanks to the former girlfriend in Europe cheated, otherwise I do not know if I will force myself to seriously rethink and read (care and love in my most difficult time is not the same less, all kinds of unreasonable in my most serious losses when I still endure) If you ask me if I want to think about to commit suicide? To be honest, there was a moment really is a moment of thought, every month 30,000 interest on my loss is really heavy pressure I can not breathe, not to mention that there are so many to pay back the principal, but only for a moment, I think anyone in such a low situation will have a moment of this idea it is to trade for a living previously on the knowledge of life is to see, today I see this topic I think can be described Under the let people alert specific technical things and some of my experience and profit when some of the methods below I will slowly update out the above mentioned, absolutely true below is my account information, you can look, if you think I sent the chart is false, it is even if I give you a joke slightly know people should know how to see it so I dared to loan 600,000 out to do this thing, because I have absolute confidence in my I think forex traders still need to read more foreign trading books, although these books can not teach you to make money, but as long as you can harvest one or two skills are more than ten books of money, I read various books, although not much help How much help, but some of the skills learned directly in the transaction to help me earn money can buy more than a thousand books I do not think that trading has any trader with, through a variety of foreign trading masters and traders, how many have a master? As long as you enter the financial market to fasten the seat belt (risk control) on it, but there is one very important point, must be sure to establish their own system, no system is just the difference between early and late death, and to clarify its role, such as catching the top and touching the bottom, the trend, homeopathic, high-frequency short term, etc. the sooner the better, I am to enter the market before the establishment of a set, and very clear its role, the highest point to do short, the lowest point to do more. This system is to find the high and low points, and help me risk control, in my system is 15 points to 3 points of stop loss, profit and loss ratio is more than 1/3, I catch the top of the bottom as long as there are 40 points of profit, will be ready to close the position, usually 40/100 points of profit I am not greedy, even if there are 200 points of profit behind, I frankly said I can not do to let the profits run, because every time I try to do so will certainly A nothing to gain it varies from person to person I insisted after the third year of college only one standard, profit-loss ratio, the highest time my profit-loss ratio can reach 1 to 30 (yes is 30) there are several stages very sad and dangerous, planted a few times, I slowly narrate will have such a stage, the money is always up, down, many days are such a state is very dangerous, will be throughout the trading career, I am still Will often encounter a significant drawdown accidentally, the first time I experienced this state when I was very anxious, really, that feeling is very uncomfortable, up can not go, but down is easy to accidentally lead to a significant drawdown of funds, because anxious, so the risk of loss when trading is very large, and easy to reposition, this state, must be stable, to their own constant psychological implication, or will happen more regretful state two. No matter how to trade is a fucking loss, as if the world is against itself, buy up immediately down, buy down immediately up, do not buy, step short I several times a large shrinkage of funds are caused by this state, and lasted a few days, my later experience is to read the graphs of various cycles, from D to H to M will look, and then this state I will expand the stop loss to increase the time to hold the position, and then will give themselves psychological hints truth be told psychological I can come here without psychological suggestion state three, have their own trading system preferences like no system operation, when the instructions have not appeared when you want to make a quick buck, the result, the quick buck did not earn but will be because of the stop loss problem to make a mess of themselves, this state often before, but also a big loss is one of the big pushers state four, according to the system trading, the results have a profit immediately want to close I rarely experience this kind of thing, but, also once because of this self-blame a lot of times state five, even when the loss can not be correct mindset, resulting in more and more mistakes, resulting in a significant shrinkage of funds these points is the collection of mistakes I made, there are other, there is time to say take forex trading this road is not easy, but, the environment is also relatively fair, when the funds gradually more I also want to take the road of forex trading, but, the environment is relatively fair. When the funds gradually more when I also carry out stock index trading and futures trading to spread a certain amount of risk, in fact, is also rich in their own income channels, the morning foreign exchange market is difficult to fluctuate too much, so I will generally trade the Hang Seng Index in the morning and noon, the Nikkei will occasionally play but not in line with my habits, the evening will see the situation will be trading in foreign exchange when trading U.S. stocks and futures, I will generally observe four transactions at the same time species, Europe and the United States, pounds of U.S., U.S. and Canada, U.S. and Japan, other currency pairs, generally will be in high volatility before going in to play a loss when the need for a book of value if you can look at the time of profit is certainly better, this is just my advice again, borrowing has risks, usury risk is higher, do not blindly and easily try, I initially tried because I verified many times my system, instant high volatility (financial events) I often succeeded in capturing the top to do short, capture the bottom to do more, Europe and the United States several times this years super reversal I have captured the lowest and highest price, from the lowest and highest price is only 5 points less than, but generally I am to capture the intra-day phase top and bottom point to trade I believe in their own system so I will borrow stop loss, stop loss, stop loss, important The important thing to say three times, although most cases can be boiled to turn losses into profits, but, this is absolutely a good way to die in most cases I stop loss is very low, generally 10 points (ten lots of a thousand dollars) stop loss amount, but most cases are less than ten points which is an important guarantee that I can survive behind the money according to the general stop loss converted into the number of times it can fail, the money earned added into the number of times to be considered that I overcome profit on the method of trying to flat write this article out it is to help some people who are still in my original wrong turn circle, and some trading losses do not make money, if I can give these people a little help I think are very good, I was losing money when also looking around to see the experience of others, but most of them have little meaning, so I would like to write something meaningful out of their own experience, believe it or not is your business, think look down Too fake, please click on the left to close I only prove this time, there are people who want to see my complete transaction record, is I stupid or you are stupid? Give you the transaction history to study my methods? Im not so selfless and I dont need to prove anything. Forgive me for only being able to go through up to a month of trading records on MT4 and thinking its impossible for me to catch tops and bottoms in the data market? Is blowing? Oh, and my year 80,000 profit of more than 4.9 million too fake? You have to be able to catch the tops and bottoms of most of the trades every week, what is five million a year, sorry I can, not only in the usual trading catch, I can also catch the high volatility in the data market, not only can catch the foreign exchange, index, crude oil is also the same, I every trade index and crude oil will basically only trade near the highest and lowest point this is the reality attached last March 4 U.S. non-farm transactions, that day I simultaneously MT4 and Intrinsic are trading, and the European Central Bank rate cuts and expansion of qe, resulting in the euro fell wildly, after Draghi said a word, the future temporarily not to cut interest rates after the euro rose wildly four hundred points of that Lun trading I will go to find and then put out, these two is the last two very high volatility of the data city, right? Without further ado, the above chart pound also captured the lowest point to do more, but, surprisingly, did not give me a deal to, pound to do more than use the limit single please see the euro single transaction price, interested please go through the March 4 non-farm payrolls after the announcement of the lowest price of the euro second is the pound short, because the pound limit did not give me a deal, according to my principles I will not chase up, so I wait until the pound phase apex of the time to do short please see March 4 pound 30-minute comparison of my entry point, the following two is the stop loss set at the time, some people do not believe that my stop loss of ten points or even less? Open your eyes, I filled the order when the additional stop loss, so this stop loss is the original stop loss has not moved, after closing the position here will also show the stop loss, used MT4 know it pounds short stop loss, the following put the euro March 4, the U.S. non-farm pounds on the pending order to 1.41094 transaction chart, when the non-farm pounds plummeted to 1.4106 lowest point after the surge, interested in their own Combined with the above euro to see and find the history of the graph attached to the penetration of March 10, the ECB interest rate resolution Draghi speech record above the MT4 time need to add 8 to be China time, the following, the penetration is the United States time all the way up to add positions