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The stop-loss method commonly used for speculation in foreign exchange

In foreign exchange trad cashbackforexreviewg, the stop- cashback forex settings bestforexrebaterates technical analysis combined, after eliminating the random fluctuations in the foreign exchange market, set a stop-loss order at key technical levels, so as to avoid further expansion of losses Generally speaking, the use of technical stop-loss method is nothing more than a small loss to bet on big gains Through the analysis of the stock premiumrebateforex running pattern, once the stock price is found to be broken, it is resolutely stop-loss in real life foreign exchange investors After the stop loss, but also pay attention to the air flying knife HowForexRebatesWork not reach out to pick up, in the stock price downtrend established to hold tight to the money bag, in the downtrend out of the head to grab the rebound, as the mouth of the knife licking blood, the fire to take the copper, especially the amount of small yin and Yang staggered decline, so that investors often produce the illusion of a stop, thus missing the early stop loss out of the timing Trend tangent stop loss method includes the stock price effectively fell below the trend line tangent; stock price effectively Break the Gann angle line 11 or 21 line; stock price effectively fell below the lower rail of the ascending channel, etc. Morphological stop-loss method includes the stock price broke the head and shoulders, M-head, arc top and other head patterns of the neckline level; the stock price jumped downward breakthrough gap, etc. K-line stop-loss method includes the appearance of two yin sandwiched between a yang, yin after two yang yin short gun, or the appearance of a yin broken three lines of broken head guillotine, as well as the appearance of the twilight star, through the head broken foot, shooting star The K-line combination of the typical top, such as the double flying crow, three crows hanging treetops, etc. Chip stop loss method chip turnover dense area on the stock price will produce direct support and resistance, a solid bottom is broken, often from the original support area into a resistance area according to the chip turnover dense area set stop-loss level, once broken immediately stop loss out Average stop loss method in general, MA10 can maintain the short-term trend, MA20 or MA30 can maintain the medium-term trend. MA20 or MA30 can maintain the medium-term trend, MA120, MA250 can maintain the long-term trend If you are a short term customer, you can MA10 as a stop-loss point; if you are a long term buyer, you can refer to MA120, MA250 as a stop-loss point; for medium-term customers, MA20 in the actual use of more important Investors such as the lower rail of the uptrend channel after buying, wait for the end of the uptrend and then close the position. If the stock price has been in the MA20 above and MA20 in the rising state, can not worry about its small retracement, in the rising way the stock price retracement will always stop at the MA20 above; and after the loss of upward energy, the stock price began to retracement or horizontal, MA20 will gradually from the upward shift to flat, at this time should cause a high degree of vigilance Once the effective fall below the MA20, in 3 days can not stand again, should immediately stop loss out Indicator stop-loss method according to the technical indicators issued by the sell instructions, as a stop-loss signal, mainly including: MACD green bars and the formation of a dead cross; SAR down below the turning point and turn green, etc. The simplest and most practical is the SAR parabolic turning indicator, also known as the stop-loss point turning operating system SAR is like the patron saint of the exchange rate, once the speed of the rise can not keep up, or the exchange rate reversal down, SAR will keep a close eye on, the exchange rate fell below SAR for the excellent signal to close out positions