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The single from a profit into a loss to hold or close a position Talking about swing trading and trend trading

A customer ra How Forex Rebates Worked such a question: "Teacher, I would like to ask a question has been very confus cashback forexg to me stop loss now I own the implementation of the better, but the stop-win position is always bad grasp, for example, the previous days single yesterday was a profit, today a rebound has to approach the previous days opening cost, this time my position is supposed to be close to the cost of the position Close the position before the cost of holding it? Or continue to hold the position? If I continue to hold my position, I may face a loss on the single that was originally a floating win, which will make the mindset bad, how can I deal with this kind of problem?" The situation in this question is a common one for many Forex traders. To answer this question, we need to explain the difference between premiumrebateforex trading bestforexrebaterates swing trading. The disadvantage of swing trading is that the stop loss is set far away from the current price, and once it is triggered, the loss is relatively large, and you have to endure the pain of a large retracement of the main trend, followed by a long period of stagnation or consolidation of the market, while the advantage of swing trading is that there are more opportunities to operate, because the stop loss is set closer to the current price, so the absolute loss is also relatively small, and the rapid return can also bring emotional satisfaction to the trader; the disadvantage is that there is a possibility of The disadvantage is the possibility of missing the main market, you must keep an eye on the plate every day, while the transaction costs are higher, and more importantly, the technical judgment requires more accurate customer questions for swing traders and trend traders will encounter todays single, the next day began to have a floating win, that you cashbackforexreview right, but the third day is HowForexRebatesWork right, the price has a substantial retracement, this time every trader has to endure the test, whether you However, the difference between a novice and an expert is simply - the ability to control your emotions and to think and prepare for the events that are happening at the beginning of the trade. We can look at the historical charts and see if those one-sided trending markets without retracement happen often? I should not (learn forex forex trader so we will not move to encounter such a situation for example, my trading system is a trend trading system, which also means that I have to give up a lot of swing profits I have thought at the beginning of the order price will occur a significant retracement, so I will only in the price of touching my opening cost area before leaving the market I will not regret that the profit in hand is destroyed because my initial thought is that this may be a trend market, I want to earn the full wave of the market The things in the world are positive and negative, no one knows the truth until the last moment If you are to trend trading system to enter the market, you must use the trend system signals to decide your exit For example, short, the price in the absence of a new low before we There is no way to tell that the trend will turn short, so a trend trader who is short in this session is simply trying to catch a short trend, but there is a chance that it is not a short trend and simply continues higher after a shakeout, who knows? Since you are trying to catch the trend, you have decided to give up the profits of this section; if you want to catch the profits of this section before the trend reversal you risk missing a big wave of the market may be some people will say how can you miss it? First close the position, wait for the end of the rally and then go in can not it? Of course, if this can really be the case then what else is there to say? God is too kind to you! However, if tomorrow is a direct jump low all the way down, how do you do? To chase or not to chase? If you do, what if it rallies sharply the next day? If not, what if the price continues to decline? In fact, in answer to this question at the same time I told you all the possibilities the truth is - the market is unpredictable we can only develop a trading strategy relative to the market trend with operability, according to this strategy to decide what you should do in the end (learn forex forex trader www. you are doing the trend, your strategy is in the trend is not completely out before the profits are ready to give up, of course, try not to lose, so in the price reached your position cost area before as long as you keep the commission you can leave the field; you are doing the swing, then in the price of the beginning of the reverse direction of operation when the bag closed, the back even if you miss another large I personally think that the small capital account to do the trend does not make much sense, the reason is only because the absolute value of the capital is too small a 10 million account because of the absolute value of its capital is larger, so 30% of the But a 100,000 account even to do 100% return on capital is insignificant, so large funds to do the trend, small funds to do swing which has also become the general rule of the futures speculative market unless you have a strong mentality, willing to do this as a career, ready to use 20 years, 30 years to achieve compound returns, or small capital account is difficult to endure the disadvantages of trend trading and But why do many small capital accounts claim to be doing swing but still lose money in the end? That is because they simply do not know what they are doing is obviously counter-trend swing, earn money but refused to go, insatiable, and want to earn a full breath, seven dragging eight dragging to make the floating win is gone, but not willing, simply become a trend single, but the trend and do the opposite, the final loss of money from the field; obviously do the trend, a little profit is afraid to lose, a retraction will be scared to leave the field, wait until the trend remains, and reluctantly, again rushed into the trend. And unwillingly, again rushed into the field, washed up under the ash, huge losses of capital, simply do not do, at this point, the big market started, you only stand outside the field regret vomiting blood copies of small capital account to do swing is to adhere to the principle of accumulation of less into more, adjust their mindset, miss the market is not regret, not sad, calm and start again, the same can earn big profits key is mindset! To do swing should have to do swing mentality, swing bear less pressure, stop loss is also set narrow, of course, profit is relatively small; trend to bear the pressure of a large retracement, stop loss is set wide, of course, profit is big (learn forex forex trader small capital account miss the market is not uncomfortable, not chasing the rise and fall, single-mindedly in accordance with their own strategies try to think The way to seize the profits of each band, the winnings are already very considerable! The large capital account does not follow the retailer east and west, give up the band profit, steadily hold each wave of the big market, the profit is also extremely considerable to do trading can not make money what is most important? What is the most important thing? The mind? Money management? Stop loss? The first thing you need to do is to get into the market. Exits? ...... These are of course all important but the most important thing as a trader is to first figure out: what do you want? The most important thing is to understand what you want, so that you can develop a strategy based on the results you want, and then steadfastly follow the strategy to implement, success is very close to you