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The old ghost data market operation experience talk

premiumrebateforex first talk about some of my experience bestforexrebaterates operating stock futures, in the domestic stock futures, the first thing to know with the banker th How Forex Rebates Work is very important, is the same as in the mouth of the tiger to pull out food, high action! The real people who know how to operate, there are often a few more important points, know how to guess the mind of the dealer, have strict good money management, very firm operation execution - this is cashbackforexreview what I said, is my teacher said my teacher is actually nothing, just a few times in the domestic futures operation inserted a few hands, and I this followers also in the In fact, as I said, I was but a small follower, the teachers actual funds on hand simply do not know, only know to follow orders, to carry out orders but there are a few points can be said, HowForexRebatesWork is, the introduction of data specific to some operations (note, my teacher is a Hong Kong resident, but unfortunately a year or two ago filed for bankruptcy, is what I mentioned before more than 60 years old (People pity ah) dealer to do the job is to collect chips, pull up, shipping these few things, others say the smallpox I do not know, I only say I know things in fact, data is very often to the dealer to do the pavement to say a few very simple words, why all the data in the bull cashback forex is good it? The only thing is that the unfavorable data will be ignored I will tell you once my experience at that time, operating soybeans, what was the situation at that time? Soybeans are too much, the harvest is too much, in the cargo hold to hoard a set of baskets and baskets, then soybeans are cheap to die well, we wait for this one or two unfavorable news out, each out of a certain amount of sucked into the soybean downtrend, but definitely do not let the retail investors notice that we are collecting and then good data out, we immediately increase the chips, get almost, and in the data good time to ship not A good data out, we will slowly, little by little out so, this is very test the brain, I do not know this kind of followers at that time, but the only thing that can be said is that I paid close attention to the situation at the time, such as soybeans, a certain place began to reduce production, not too much production or government tax increases If we are absorbing goods, I do not need to say, the last is certainly up if we are shipping, it goes without saying that the simple sentence, the data is some of the chips used by the dealer There is a special situation, that is, we expected certain things to happen, but the retail investors may not anticipate, which also often wait until things really happen, the market will suddenly reverse for example, we predict according to our sector the United States For example, according to our sector forecast the United States does not raise interest rates, then, we may not raise interest rates before buying a bunch of peace contracts, to be announced by the United States does not raise interest rates, we will immediately ship these things easy to say, but once the real money in the time to get, without a little general style is absolutely impossible to do Well, after all this, in fact, now are quite a lot of books about the dealer, I do not say a little bit of my experience with the previous stock veterans is simply There is no comparison of what I mean when I say these things? As David said, the foreign exchange market is a dealer we may wish to use speculation on the behavior of the dealer to speculate here, I think the foreign exchange market is very different, because the foreign exchange market is very large, the dealer and more, and the dealer size, and the stock futures market is definitely two things such as in doing futures, two dealers met, not to bite you to death is not to stop I encountered a time, two large dealer development to want to put The other side to the death, the last is the trader and a local boss to settle (I think the domestic financial market is extremely unregulated, the need to use to force authority to solve) and the foreign exchange market, the worlds major banks, funds are involved, you can hardly say who is the real banker so, I am not willing to say that the foreign exchange market is controlled by the banker, but the main force of the major banks and funds and more or less retail investors are Gathered together, the formation of the main direction of the force, the main force, I think this word is more appropriate so, we have to do is to analyze the main force of the situation, is in the collection of chips it or in the shipments as long as this point to understand, that data market is good operation I often say their more than ten years of experience, in fact, is to pay close attention to the plate movement, to find to find the market movement for example, a few days ago, the performance of non-US, favorable dollar The news of the non-US is not up, the news of the non-US dollar is not down, very strange, but in this way, we can find the actual main force has not yet appeared, or appeared, but has not yet pulled the market (note, we mainly want to eat the main force pull up the section of the market!) In this way, high throw low suction is a good operation but the problem is, if you think the probability of non-US rise is high, be prepared to suck chips with the main force, of course, must be by the absolute stop loss, the main force can not suppress too low, too low, then the main force also do not make money (also very simple reason, you 100 dollars of clothes, you want to 120 dollars to buy out, always can not first tell others that the clothes 50 dollars into it and (To put the price too low, it takes a lot of money) Well, having said that, I hope you can understand one thing, that is, in all bull markets without adverse news, mastered this, basically mastered the essence of the first two years, I bought some stocks, just put off some at the beginning of the year, the reason? Very simple, I followed these bankers to play, I am very confident that the bankers these guys will be in 2003-2004 this period of the stock market downturn time sucked into the chips, even if not sucked into is also ready to suck into the last month I have bought some, these days and up honestly, last month to buy the stock are a little dangerous, I made a good stop loss, just to see how he went on the big double top, the macd divergence, the strange thing is that actually let go of some at the beginning of the year, the reason? macd divergence, strange is actually did not fall below the neck line this stock bull market things should be set to suggest that we have some assets then put some money into it, hold a couple of years, it is estimated that it is about the same yesterday I operated a little after the non-farm payroll to leave, is to meet a friend in Hong Kong to do a fund, he told me that he bought a lot of domestic stocks --Also because chatting with him, missed the opportunity to enter, huh I continue to say I used to do foreign exchange experience, I do foreign exchange for four or five years, off and on, before with the investment, a loss on the loss of 2, 3 hundred points, to profit on more, probably also about 5, 6 hundred points real virtual disk are doing I think there are a few points to understand is that there is always a period of consolidation in the foreign exchange market, and the time to really make money is relatively small, such as this years April, May, the year before last, after the September fight, etc., are the time to make money because I was engaged in business, engaged in real estate, it is impossible to watch the plate every day, my operation is also very funny, in a relatively low level to do 200 points stop loss, and then put a few days to see once this way, and now not much Losses such as small Japan, I do more all the way, even if you do not earn much, but interest or something is a lot of plate feeling, I think this point well, also important and not important, as long as the market to judge the general direction, for example, is now a bull market, you will be good to buy on it, but the foreign exchange market it is every day to you rise and fall, if the day trading (the same as I do these days), it is indeed a little difficult to judge I most remember several previous market reaction, once a very good data, we immediately shipped, the market reaction is how? First up about ten points, and then immediately fell sharply at that time, I remembered that as long as the trend can not continue under the influence of the news, it is possible to turn this experience has given me money, but also lost money, in fact, how to use, when it is really difficult to say, to understand that people engaged in speculation is to do the probability of things