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The importance of interpreting the U.S. non-farm payroll data

Non-farm: How Forex Rebates Work the abbreviation for non-agricultural employment premiumrebateforex, it can reflect the development of manufactur cashbackforexreviewg bestforexrebaterates service industries and their growth, the number decreases on behalf of enterprises to reduce production, reduced consumption of services, the economy into depression; when the number increases significantly, indicating a healthy economic situation, favorable to the national currency Many countries will publish their own non-agricultural employment data at a particular time Employment data, but the HowForexRebatesWork is worth our attention is the U.S. cashback forex A. The concept of non-farm employment non-farm employment, it can reflect the development of manufacturing and service industries and their growth, the number decreases on behalf of enterprises to reduce production, the economy into depression when the social economy faster, consumption naturally followed by an increase in consumer as well as service industry jobs will increase when non-agricultural When the employment figure increases significantly, it indicates a healthy economic situation, which in theory should be favorable for the exchange rate and may signal higher interest rates, which potentially could push the foreign exchange market more towards appreciation of the countrys currency and vice versa, therefore, this data is an important indicator of the degree and state of socio-economic and financial development. The EmploymentReport, which includes information related to employment, is derived from two separate surveys, namely the Enterprise Survey and the Household Survey, in which the Enterprise Survey provides information on employment in the non-agricultural sector, average hourly work and total hourly index; the Household Survey provides information on the labor force, household employment and unemployment rate. The employment report is usually known as the crown jewel of all economic indicators that the foreign exchange market can respond to, it is the markets most sensitive monthly economic indicators, investors can usually see numerous market-sensitive information, of which the foreign exchange market pays special attention to the seasonally adjusted monthly non-farm payrolls changes in the U.S. non-farm payrolls data is the foreign exchange market The data may become a turning point in determining the direction of the currency market, and may also bring intense volatility to the currency market, the more the market is blurred in the direction of the exchange Second, the announcement time and impact of non-farm payrolls market has a nickname called the money market, because the operation is relatively simple, and very large profits! Each time the data is announced before the market is expected, in general, if the data is better than expected will be good for the dollar, short silver; data is worse than expected, the data is negative for the dollar more silver; data and expectations are basically the same market impact is not much then we can operate with the expectation of bold homeopathic operation due to non-farm data in the first Friday night of each month, the data can not be announced in the first time just announced by all Therefore, we believe that the time required for investors to be informed and to take appropriate investment decisions is 30 minutes. And we believe that before 9:30 (that is, before the real data of non-farm payrolls is released) the price of gold is based on the expected figures so the real data of non-farm payrolls and the deviation from its expected value is the key to determine the price trend of gold Three, non-farm payrolls data to bring the money-making effect of the U.S. non-farm payrolls data, known as the impact of the gold foreign exchange market in the many economic data in the crown jewel of this reputation. The reason is that non-farm payrolls data tend to bring about substantial shocks in the financial markets, the implementation of specific market trends, usually reflected in the re-enforcement of the trend development or complete reversal In accordance with the usual economic principles, the economy turned good or bad, will directly affect the Federal Reserves monetary policy on the dollar: poor economy, the Federal Reserve will tend to reduce interest rates, the dollar depreciation; good economy, the Federal Reserve will tend to raise interest rates, the dollar appreciation in general, in Before the official announcement of the U.S. data, the market will have an average expectation of the data The expected value reflects the current market participants and observers of the general view of the non-farm payrolls data, with good guidance Therefore, a simple comparison of the gap between the announced value and the expected, you can generally judge the non-farm payrolls data is good or bad 4, Notes 1, technical analysis of the main trend in the short or long? Long and short has extended the length of the time cycle; 2, non-farm data before the fundamental market reaction, that is, the market expected non-farm data and the period of data comparison, and thus the general judgment of the data good or bad and the impact on gold; 3, in the key position near the ready to do both hands, from the market trend to judge and ready to intervene in the bit, to take a batch of intervention and light position first way, the risk Give up the impact of the non-farm payroll night on the gold market, choose to wait and see or non-farm payroll shock on the market after the end of the impact and then intervene, this choice is not a good choice for small capital customers and heavy locked position customers is crucial 5, do not wait for the data to be announced and then go to single operation, such operation behavior often face large spreads, the time lag of the transaction, induced more and more induced short caused by back and forth Stop-loss impact on investor psychology, etc. Five, non-farm payrolls a winning method of operation method 1: before the announcement of non-farm payrolls data first under a pair of lock single can be based on a five-minute chart, relatively low to do more, relatively high to do short, so you can first earn some commission if you feel the trouble, you can also directly under the lock single usually set 30 points stop loss, 50-100 points of take-profit and lock single when the profit and loss ratio is not changed! Even if it is locked, you can still unlock it later! Method 2: two-way hanging single in the non-farm payroll data announced 5 minutes ago, in about 20 points of the high hanging single, stop loss set 30 points, 50-100 points of profit at the same time, in about 20 points of the low hanging short single and set a good 30-point stop loss, 50-100 points of profit when one of the single deal, delete another single not dealt with. A, time, time must not be too early, not too late, too early the market repeatedly, it is easy to appear all deal or all stop-loss situation, so we operate on the meaningless too late, it is possible that we have not hung a good single, the market began to fluctuate b, the point of hanging single. Why do we need to differ by 20 points and then continue to hang a single, is to avoid market volatility caused by more than short single transactions, then why not differ by a little more space, too much space, our profits are relatively small, we found through research, about 20 points is the most appropriate Why we will choose to hang a single transaction, first of all, the non-farm payroll data released when the market is larger, second, the market appears when we then manually trade The profit will be relatively less because of the time, but we use two-way pending single, is zero risk profit, because after the announcement of the data a single transaction directly profit, another single can be deleted without impact! And take profit is set in advance, when the system automatically deal, the money to their accounts! Another point is that this is only the first single operation of non-farm data, the accuracy of this single is very high, of course, in addition to this single, non-farm data after the market profits are also very substantial, the specific can refer to our real group of shouting single, not yet open an account to seize the time to contact me to open an account! Method 3: After the announcement of the non-farm payrolls data in the single after the announcement of the non-farm payrolls data in the single, according to the actual situation of the news, in doing the retracement, combined with Bollinger bands, RSI-type indicators to operate