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The difference between stocks and foreign exchange

stocks How Forex Rebates Work cashbackforexreview premiumrebateforex, due to different product character bestforexrebateratestics, showing different characteristics today and talk about the difference between speculation and doing foreign exchange Many foreign exchange traders started out in the stock market after having experience in speculation, only because of certain coincidences, and came to the foreign exchange market, or contact futures This is the natural logic of HowForexRebatesWork and investment In my opinion, the difficulty and risk of doing stocks, to be smaller than futures very know The risk of doing futures, and much smaller than the risk of making foreign exchange, but the risk is not absolute risk comes from the control of the transaction, from this point of view, stocks, futures and foreign exchange is in the same level of risk you control carefully enough, the risk will be able to control the eighty-nine (forex academy (fxschool/) one of the differences: speculation for the fundamentals of the requirements to be higher, do foreign exchange depends mainly on the technical side of speculation stocks need to watch the news broadcast, need to know astronomy, geography stocks and social, economic, cultural and other aspects of the most involved, a subject matter and restructuring, cashback forex make the stock price flying days foreign exchange will not foreign exchange is 24 hours trading, a day fluctuations back and forth has been a lot of Foreign exchange is mostly intra-day trading and short term trading, the market in the technical side of the traction, fluctuating back and forth very quickly, showing and the fundamentals of the less relevant side of the difference between the second: stocks and foreign exchange trading rules are different, resulting in a wide range of trading results stocks are not leveraged trading varieties, trading rules for T + 1, the day bought only the next day to sell stocks can only go up to make money, down only to admit losses Foreign exchange is very different with leverage properties of the natural genes, foreign exchange can be doubled in a few minutes, or burst as long as you use a large enough position in the case of leverage allows, the results of the account is very amazing difference between the third: between stocks and foreign exchange, the imaginable space is completely different in the foreign exchange market, a year between dozens of hundreds of times are possible, but in the field of stocks is impossible because the leverage gives the People infinite possibilities at the same time, leverage also multiplies the risk if you can not properly handle the power of leverage, it is likely to lead to blowouts and other situations arise and a trader who learns to make reasonable use of the rules of leverage, can earn enough lucrative profits from the market this is where the fun and power of forex trading is forex trading is becoming more and more, compared to other investment products, where are its advantages? Nowadays people pay more and more attention to investment, in investment products, there are many people prefer foreign exchange investment, because foreign exchange investment has its own advantages advantage one: the ease of control of the risk of foreign exchange trading the first principle of any investment is to avoid risk, to preserve the principal can be based on the market and the degree of loss that can be accepted, set a stop-loss price on each transaction when the price to your minimum stop price, the transaction will automatically stop, to prevent damage to the principal too much risk easy to control. Prevent damage to the principal too much risk is easy to control, while there is no upper limit to earnings advantage two: the market environment is open and transparent relative to the stock market, although the currency market is not perfect, but can be said to be the cleanest, transparent investors do not have to work on the performance of each stock, there is no so-called insider trading Soros can learn about the information, ordinary investors can learn about the currency market 600,000,000,000 U.S. dollars a day Turnover, so that any institution does not have the strength of the dealer advantage three: flexible time, see the price that deal, will not be set 24 hours a day trading, spare time from work can easily open a position at any time, and do not have to worry about because of the limits of the up and down board no one to undertake advantage four: short term fluctuations in the endless profit opportunities, the exchange rate changes between international currencies all the time you can not have to count how much profit every day, because every moment are There are opportunities, can accumulate small wins into big wins, a year down, short term to bring you considerable profits is like guarding a gold mine, see how much digging every day advantage five: a small amount of money to do a big deal, leverage of small to big because foreign exchange margin trading is the international mainstream of foreign exchange trading, the power is endless two-way trading, the opportunity to make money more stock investment only up to make money, and foreign exchange can buy up, but also buy down. Can also buy down, as long as you choose the right trading direction can make money in the stock market short quotes far more time than the long quotes, investment opportunities are not easy to grasp