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A Phone Number For XM Radio

If you are interested in listening to the latest in music, comedy and talk, then SiriusXM is the service for you. The company provides more than 160 channels of commercial-free music and has a wide range of specialty channels. It also offers an array of subscription options. You can choose from an All Access package, which includes more than 160 channels, or the less expensive tiers.

Sirius XM has 32 million subscribers in more than 100 million cars, trucks and airplanes. In fact, the company"s market penetration is a whopping 75%, making it one of the largest satellite radio providers in the world. Unlike terrestrial radio, the streaming technology used by the company is better.

SiriusXM has a few gimmicks. Firstly, they offer a free trial to new subscribers. These trials last for a few days and are a great way to see if you like the service. Additionally, the company also has a "Listen Free" event twice a year. This is a good time to sign up, as there is usually a discount on the price of your first month.

Secondly, the company has an exclusive home for Howard Stern, which is certainly a plus. Not only does the service offer exclusive Howard Stern content, it also offers two dedicated Howard Stern channels. However, it"s not always easy to find these channels, especially if you are not located in an urban area. Also, the channel list displayed on the SiriusXM website is rarely accurate.

Finally, the company also has a service called the "Guardian" that will alert you when airbags deploy and connect you with local emergency services. This is a good idea, as it will give you time to get to a medical facility or police station in an emergency. While it"s nice that the company can help you in a pinch, some customers feel that the company isn"t listening to them.

Sirius XM has a number of other interesting offerings, such as the RadioID which can be a useful tool when you aren"t sure where to turn. They also have a billing statement, which is a great way to keep track of what you"re paying for. Another nice thing is the ability to order a replacement part if your radio stops working.

The company also has a service called the Sirius XM App, which is a cool app that allows you to access your subscriptions on your iPhone or Android device. This app is only available in certain parts of the United States, so make sure you are in the right place.

Finally, the company has a free one-year subscription to its SiriusXM All Access service. This package, which is limited to users in the United States, contains more than 160 channels, including sports, comedy and news. For the price of a single month of service, you"ll also get over 150 channels of commercial-free music.

Of course, it"s important to note that these are all promotional offers that are only available to new subscribers. Unfortunately, the company hasn"t been forthcoming about their cancellation policy.