How Forex Rebates Work

Talk about stop losses in trading!

Forex trading stop premiumrebateforex How Forex Rebates Work a very interesting topic, for many day traders, stop loss is simply a nightmare, because they encounter the most situations, when they are long, the market just swept out their stop-loss single immediately after the turn up, in their short, the market just swept out their stop-loss single immediately after the turn down, it seems that their every move are watched For some large retail investors or subjective traders, they are often HowForexRebatesWork set stop-loss and often burst out of the news of the burst position to give people the feeling that stop-loss is not right, not stop-loss is not right first, we discuss the first question, that is, should stop-loss? bestforexrebaterates think it is still necessary to set a good stop loss, because I do not do day trading for a long time, so I rarely encounter frequent stop-loss situation, of course, I am often stop-loss hit out, a loss of points than those day traders lost some points, but think about it, a stop loss yesterday was lost 5 times, each loss of 20 points, and a trend to do a stop loss, a stop loss loss of 100 points, is not a reason? Many times, when you zoom in after the trading level, in the day may just be an intraday oscillation, you do not care about it, do not operate, sometimes it is the best choice, on the contrary, you frequent operations, it is easy to be hit in the face with more or less, frequent stop losses I also do intra-day start, from my personal experience, intra-day stop loss is not less than the amount of swing do trend stop loss set stop loss is a probability thinking, is to The black swan event re cashbackforexreviewect, even if the probability of an accident is particularly small, we still need to set a stop loss Second, since it is clear that the need for a stop loss, then how to set a stop loss? The first thing you need to do is to set up a stop loss, and it is easy to be stopped after the market in the direction you expect, so that people feel sorry for the stop loss set up a large, often for the vast majority of traders can not afford to lose so much money for the stop loss, traders need to be clear, you a single stop loss is the negation of the direction of the transaction or the negation of the timing of the opening of the position if you are more sure about the direction of the transaction If you are sure that the timing of the transaction is not very good, you can slightly enlarge the stop-loss range on the contrary, if you are more sure of the timing of the transaction, but the direction of the transaction can not be grasped, I suggest that it is appropriate to reduce the stop-loss range I personally in the actual trading process, the stop-loss is sometimes set relatively large, sometimes set relatively small, depending on the position of the development of the market and my judgment of the market. If it is a high or low chase, I am not sure whether the market is continuing or turning, this time I need to be cautious, usually set a narrow stop loss; if the market has just begun to start, I am basically sure that the market is likely to continue, this time I will be appropriate to let go of their stop-loss space Of course, everyones stop-loss method is not consistent, there are various stop-loss methods circulating on the Internet, I think I personally often use a single K-line entry method when I understand the fundamentals of a commodity clearly, waiting for the technical signals issued by the plate to give me instructions, I will begin to enter, usually, I take a strong daily level fractal as an entry signal, and the stop loss is the lowest point in the entry K-line or the lowest point of the fractal, of course, this is for the market has just started to say For the market has reached a certain stage of development, I can not determine whether the market is a continuation or a turn, I also take the same fractal entry and single K-line minimum stop-loss strategy, and at this time I will lower the level, not in the daily level stop-loss, will be in the 1H or 30-minute level K-line as a single k-line stop-loss level In short, I think that traders with probability thinking, should need to set When your stop loss is used to negate the timing of the trade, you can appropriately enlarge the stop loss range, I take the lowest point of the k-line at the daily K-line level fractal entry as the stop loss; when your stop loss is used to negate the direction of the trade, you can appropriately reduce the stop loss range, I just go to the lowest point of the k-line at the 30-minute or hourly K-line level fractal entry as the stop loss In addition, it is recommended that day traders Give up intraday trading, gradually enlarge your trading level, because I really have not heard of any gods do intraday trading to make money, perhaps I am ignorant, read the book "Short term trading secrets" traders do not know understand the authors true intentions did not, in my opinion, the book wants to tell us is that the secret of short term trading is not to make short term trading!