How Forex Rebates Work

Speculation in foreign exchange the mindset is important but do not just take it as a slogan

Many people say forex trad cashback forexg, the mindset How Forex Rebates Work important! This is good, but if you take it as a slogan to shout, you cashbackforexreviewstforexrebaterates make a mistake! The mindset comes from underst HowForexRebatesWorking, and is premiumrebateforex born with it! The result is that a year or two of trading is still bad, and the mindset is still bad! Where is the reason? They simply do not know what kind of mindset they want to pursue, and do not know how to build a good mindset! Blame God, all the responsibility to "bad mindset", ignorance covers everything, ignorance confused the pace of progress! The old foreign exchange in the long-term trading will have a strong sense of risk, this awareness has gradually evolved into an attitude of life, risk mentality is also deep into the life of the little by little, it can be said that the risk mentality will unknowingly become the old foreign exchange trading attitude! There is also a mentality "long-term profit mentality", because foreign exchange is a probability game! So when faced with a game of probability, how do we win the game? There is only one right path: on the one hand, to increase the winning rate, on the other hand, to maximize the time of the game! A most graphic analogy: the probability of an ordinary coin heads and tails is 50%, the longer the time the greater the likelihood that we will keep our money, someone has improved the coin, plating its heads with lead, the result is that the probability of tails facing up is greater than 50%, the longer the game the easier the tails will be to win! The experience of millions of people tell us: do not indulge in foreign exchange in the short-term profit and loss, a momentary win or loss does not prove anything, if you can not find a trading system with a high win rate, sooner or later you will lose your money, the longer the probability of failure, because most people have a win rate of less than 50% can be said to establish "long-term profit" is Forex traders first mindset! Without it, you will eventually fail! So many years of foreign exchange trading, especially over the years on the technical analysis of the love, the biggest feeling is: technical analysis or basic analysis, its purpose is not to predict the market, should not be to predict the market for the purpose, but should be to provide countermeasures for the purpose, the forecast is only a view of the market, from the real deal is still a big section, and countermeasures are born for the deal, the old foreign exchange should be There is a realization: dilute "see how accurate", strengthen "do how good"! Newcomers to technology generally pursue the precise prediction of the market, in fact, the market that is so easy to be predicted, the results of many down to agnosticism, lost money also lost confidence! Here I just want to caution new friends: do not report the pursuit of accurate prediction mentality, but to establish a soldier to block, water to cover the countermeasure mentality! A simple example: when the price is in a very disc finishing time, do not go after "when will get out of the consolidation range", "do not presume to know will definitely rise or fall"! This kind of prediction will not make you money in the long run, so what should you do? Look for countermeasures: first assess the probability, then choose a point to wait and set a stop-loss point (of course everyone has their own countermeasures)! The various factors such as mindset x discipline x technology should be multipliers, as long as there is a 0, the result is 0