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George cashbackforexreview (GeorgeSoros), the bestforexrebateratesternational investment giants in September 1992 in the pound cr How Forex Rebates Workis bet 10 billion dollars to short the pound, its in a day to achieve a profit of 1 billion dollars, the final profit of 2 billion dollars Soros thus a battle of fame, premiumrebateforex for defeating the British HowForexRebatesWorkn 1973, Soros established his own hedge fund, Soros Fund Management, which later became known as the Quantum Hedge Fund in nearly 20 years, the Quantum Fund under the leadership of Soros to achieve a successful operation, its average annual return of about 30%, and even in two Achieved an annual return of 100% and the following is exactly Soross ten investment principles: 1. "I am rich because I know I made a mistake ......, I can survive because I can admit my mistakes" due to the realization cashback forex I It is impossible not to make mistakes all the time, so Soros was able to stop his losses in time before they expanded 2. "My approach is not to make valid predictions, but to allow myself to correct wrong predictions" Soros is very flexible in his trading strategy, he often changes his mind and changes the direction of his positions when necessary 3. "It doesnt matter if youre wrong right, what matters is how much money you make when youre right and how much you lose when youre wrong" Soros believes that the key to making a profit is to make more and lose less, not a percentage of profit 4. "The market is always on the side of boom or bust either panic or greed right now Greed prevails, and as long as this greed does not get out of hand, then it is good for the investor" and fundamentals, market trends are caused to a greater extent by extreme changes in investor clarity 5. What is shameful is the inability to correct our mistakes" Trading strategy mistakes are not the problem, the problem is the inability to reduce losses in time, or exacerbate them 6. 7. "If investing is entertainment, if you find it interesting, then you probably arent making any money. ... "Markets are always in a state of uncertainty and change, and profits come from cashing in on the obvious and betting on the unpredictable" An obvious trade is not usually profitable, and a profitable trade is usually unexpected and counter-intuitive9. "We all want to catch the trend at the beginning and the reversal at the end of the trend so we usually tend to make the market more stable rather than volatile but we are not doing it for the public good, our aim is to make money" Soros usually follows the trend until it reverses 10. "Financial markets in general are unpredictable, so investors have to have coping strategies for different scenarios If you can say you can accurately predict what is going to happen in the market, then that goes against the way I look at the market" Soros uses what may be some reactive methods of analysis that are based on how price movements Soros may have used some reactive analysis that was based on how price movements unfolded, and he may have considered multiple possibilities for price movements and traded in the direction of the movement in that scenario when one of those possibilities came true