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Small accounts are not necessarily a disadvantage

Many small retail traders HowForexRebatesWork forex cashback forex the idea that one of their d premiumrebateforexadvantages is that their initial capital is too small, and that if they have enough How Forex Rebates Work to trade at the beginning, they will definitely succeed For this idea, my comment is, wrong, wrong, wrong! This is just your illusion, there is no necessary connection between how much money you have and whether you succeed or bestforexrebaterates Many people think that if they trade with a lot of capital, they can afford to lose cashbackforexreview and will have more trading opportunities so that they can make a quick profit If you only consider a few days or weeks of trading, a trader with a lot of money may make more money than a trader with less money, sometimes just because of luck But if you measure long-term trading, for example, a year or more, the outcome is very different. Heres what I want you to take to heart: if you cant make consistent profits on a small account with little money, you cant make profits on a large account with a lot of money. The truth is, if you do not know what you are doing, you do not have a set of tested, profitable trading methods and systems, compared to small accounts, accounts with more money to lose more quickly I used to have this idea "if a little more money, I can carry more losses, the result will certainly be profitable as an individual trader, how much money is too much? The foreign exchange market daily trading volume up to 5 trillion dollars, you personally more money is a drop in the ocean long-term capital management company billions of dollars also fly away, and more money will not help to change the idea, suppose you think their $ 1000 account is too small, it is difficult to make money if Soros threw to the street a person with no trading experience 100,000 dollars to trade, this person will not be better than you do better? Trading for a few days, I believe he can earn more than you, but if trading for six months, it is estimated that he lost 50,000 If you often read reports about hedge funds, you must have seen some funds lose billions or even tens of billions of dollars, do they not have enough money how sincere, you are enough to have been able to stabilize profits, if you have more money, your profits may be more if you have not stabilized profits If you do not have a stable profit, do not complain that your capital is not enough If your current trading situation is still todays profit and tomorrows loss, you should not think "if the capital is a little more" Instead, you should be glad that you do not have more money to trade ah, because with a small account to learn to trade than the capital of a large account benefits, both in terms of capital and psychological It is better to lose a small amount of money than a large amount of money, unless you are rich and dont care about money, so when a newbie interested in trading complains that they dont have money to learn to trade, I think it is a good thing, it means they can avoid potentially huge losses, but the threshold for trading is almost non-existent, they can use very little money to learn to trade, for example, a $100 forex cent account is enough to trade for six months. There is no doubt that having very little money means that you will not make a lot of money, even if your trading is mostly profitable, but you need to change your perspective. If you still think that less money is a problem, this is a problem if you cant make a steady profit, if you are given more money, you will overtrade and take greater risks, because you think more money will be able to make money so the result is how much you have will lose how much thinking must be shifted from money to the trading process if you want to make money, you have to focus on If you want to make money, you have to focus on the trading process, not money trading small accounts has the advantage of low risk and low psychological pressure, the disadvantage is that it is easy to be boring, because you can not make a lot of money, so you can not remind yourself, focus on the process, do not always think about money once you can stabilize profits, you qualitative change of the day, make a lot of money is a matter of water if your account funds are very small, the following are my two suggestions, one is not to trade frequently, to cherish like a sniper Bullets, look at the right in pulling the trigger; Second, the position should be small enough, your purpose is to learn how to trade, proper risk management let you live longer, limited funds to trade as long as possible; Again, small accounts are really not a disadvantage, especially for newcomers, inexperienced and not yet stable and profitable traders if you do not know how to trade, more money does not help so first Learn how to trade, focus on the method and process, do not think about how to get rich quick, the less you think about it may be easier to achieve more learn forex - forex basics, how to speculate on forex questions and answers, please visit: forex learning section