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She is not only a great beauty but also a senior forex strategist

forex cashbackforexreview industry a recognized fact cashback forex premiumrebateforex the number of female forex traders is not as many as male traders forex is considered a male-dominated industry However, the number of female traders has been growing day by day, How Forex Rebates Work a very large number of them have been able to get rid of the label of lack of ability So, how should a female trader step by step in the forex market to gain a foothold and success and succeed? Perhaps bestforexrebateratesLiens story can give you more insight into the psychology of the unseen female trader Who is KathyLien? Kathy Lien joined JPMorgan at the age of 18 after graduating from NYUs Stern School of Business. She first joined the credit derivatives department, then moved to the interbank FX trading platform, focusing on USD/JPY and AUD/USD, and then to the proprietary trading platform, where she traded FX spot, options, interest rate derivatives, futures, etc. At such a large firm, Kathy Lien admits that she learned principles, risk management, and responsibility. In 2003, she joined FFX as Chief Strategist and founded DailyFX, FFXs forex research portal, which Kathy now runs with partner Boris Schlossberg. Kathy Lien combines fundamental and technical analysis, a trading theory that has become her hallmark: fundamental for entry and technical analysis for tracking and exit. Given her experience developing automated trading products, Kathy believes that trading robots HowForexRebatesWork not a sustainable solution. She emphasizes the importance of using system rules to establish trading principles, but the ever-changing market dynamics are also the focus of trading, and this makes fundamental analysis important. She says: I enjoy following what is happening in the world and then finding trading opportunities in the market accordingly. Not only that, she has even found new indicators from the way New Zealand credit cards are spent and has developed her own economic data center, of which her favorite indicators are the U.S. ISM non-manufacturing index and the non-farm payrolls report data. Kathy says the difference between institutional and retail traders is the ability to look at market data. She reveals that bank traders and proprietary traders have access to superior market data that is far superior to what retail traders can imagine. Kathy Lien believes that women can make it to the Vice President (VP) or Director level in the financial and banking industry, and says that many of her former female friends and colleagues are now working as VPs in banks. Kathy Lien believes that the more you care about the glass ceiling, the more likely you are to attribute your lack of career progress to it, and then it slowly becomes a reality Kathy believes that people with goals can overcome all obstacles ● Women have an advantage Some women are very sensitive to their Kathy says that some banks, for example, have special measures in place to ensure the presence of women at the top to balance the male to female ratio because women are more patient, better learners and more sensitive to risk, so Kathy believes that women are more likely to Kathy says that she keeps her career and life completely separate from each other, so that they dont interfere with each other. An important quality for every trader