How Forex Rebates Work

Investing Speculation Or gambling Ten years of experience in trading some practical insights

Summary of the past ten years of experience HowForexRebatesWork How Forex Rebates Work cashbackforexreview what we see and hear around us, a lot of complex things bestforexrebaterates think there premiumrebateforex not much to say, and there is no use I came to talk about a few points: First, trading is not a difficult thing, but we do traders, made too many fundamental mistakes do trading, the cost of making mistakes is great cashback forex is the real cost of money, but also mental Stress this is all negative effects, will significantly slow down our progress in a gold trading era of their own, to write, summarize, precipitate I do not oppose the role of writing for the reflection and enhancement of trading itself, it makes the heart pure, so that trading ideas clear at the same time, it also takes up a lot of gold trading time us more traders, but will not have us so lucky we are frustrated in trading, in the The media rose in the writing, in the precipitation of introspection, and re-steady trading others but to constantly withstand the pressure of money, time, life we have a group of friends, loss of hundreds of thousands, lost five or six years of youth all the hard-earned money, but also backed up the bank and credit card a large pile of debt such a life, the later must avoid the second, financial trading is actually investment, speculation, or gambling? This is also a problem that I have pondered over the years I have been in the stock market for five years, studying almost all the stock books that can be studied by heart and then, in foreign exchange I have also had at least eight years of practical experience my opinion is that the risk of doing stocks is only one tenth of foreign exchange If you want to invest, or to go to the stock market, and do not come to the foreign exchange market to do foreign exchange, indeed has a very high risk, this risk mainly from the heart The freedom and freedom to trade, freedom is the biggest risk, so foreign exchange trading it is a high degree of speculation but I am also opposed to foreign exchange trading as gambling speculation requires skills, it is undoubtedly, it satisfies our deepest desires to master the skills of speculation, the first to face human nature, this is very important this human nature, refers to the open heart to face their own heart you have to understand what they really want What, to often think about this thing some people say, Im afraid to make too much money in the currency market do not know where to spend it later, will feel lost we think, this is the fear of success, from the inner long-term face of trading pressure when the lack of confidence and trading, need strong self-confidence and dominance only long-term winners, can develop this dominance, the development of trading skills, should also follow the right path this path, the Must be the road to simplicity, it is a system, is the soul of the transaction to avoid making it complex, complex things are not good, but also difficult to last What is the soul of the transaction? I think your trading system should be in line with your own character and desires, to keep yourself moving towards a comfortable and progressive trading range If I feel very tired, the earnings are not stable, I should reflect on myself I am against making trading into gambling You see trading as some kind of embodiment of gambling, I think there is nothing wrong with it As the saying goes, life is a gamble, it depends on which level you know from doing trading, is not to gamble, with the gambling Third, the core of profitable trading lies in good money management, risk is highly matched with positions success or failure lies in money management, more research position ratios, less research trading techniques If you want to compare the proportion of trading skills and money management methods, I think they are 1:4 relationship I know that even if I do the wrong direction, I can also make a profit, as long as I know that even if I do the right direction, but my money management is not good, I will also lose a lot of times, I will be compared to the position and money management So, I think the core of trading is position control, position is the key to success or failure in the long run, judge the trend, trading with the trend is only the art of trading, good position management is the road to the height of the difference, resulting in whether you All investors who do not believe that trading can be profitable for a long time, are not managed positions, making risk management into a high degree of uncertainty, then it is naturally impossible to obtain stability in the stormy foreign exchange market We have always believed that trading can be stable and profitable for a long time, and only long-term sustainability, so that foreign exchange speculation can become an elegant art (see more forex trading (Good article on: Foreign Exchange Academy) gambling is not art, gambling is the birthplace of uncertainty it and artistic speculation, there is a fundamental difference Fourth, foreign exchange speculation can be used to quantify the mathematical model to open positions, retracement, the strength of support and resistance, position matching, trading frequency, yield, the frequency of position increases, etc., these symbols, the perfect mathematical model of the parameters I like to calculate, calculate positions, retracement ratio, etc. I like to calculate, calculate positions, withdrawal ratios and so on. In fact, I cant think of any fundamental difference between a trade and a chess game, where both blue and red players, on the same board, face a multi-position evolution of their next move.