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How to prevent the explosion of foreign exchange

For bestforexrebateratesvestors to cashback forexeculate in foreign exchange How Forex Rebates Work one of the most fearful thing is the explosion of the position, because this means that investors are likely to lose even the opportunity to enter the market again, a good way to prevent the explosion of the position is to inject funds properly, light operation, a good mindset, a healthy risk management model First, inject funds properly speculation foreign exchange requires a certain amount of starting cashbackforexreview, this capital should never choose their own life funds as capital The life of the capital as capital, because this will increase the psychological burden of investors, is HowForexRebatesWork conducive to trading at the same time, leaving aside the purpose of making money, even the daily financial management can not use life funds as the capital of any business activities In addition, the best injection capital is not too small, only a certain amount of money to withstand the ups and downs of speculation in the foreign exchange market Second, light operation heavy position is the main reason for the burst The reason is that a small amount of light positions, fine water flow if the full position to kill, then the risk resistance is very small, the risk degree of 90% or more, which is very dangerous behavior trading the essence of making money is to make money with compound interest, rather than making money with burst interest Third, a good mindset everyone is born with a personality may have been stereotyped, but in the process of speculation in foreign exchange try to make their own mindset and calm is a favorable factor for successful trading good The mindset of another very important factor is to be able to admit mistakes, know that mistakes are corrected in the process of speculation in foreign exchange is an important guarantee to reduce the risk of trading premiumrebateforexes because only timely exit from the transaction to make losses to a minimum amount Fourth, a healthy risk management model speculation in foreign exchange set stop loss is an important step in a healthy risk management model, once the position is opened, do not set a stop loss, expect the price to the direction of their open positions Movement market has its own rules of operation, is not to anyones will to shift, so the bad trading habit of fluke, to be in their own trading behavior, early eradication, otherwise the consequences are endless To overcome the fear of hitting through the stop loss, the price back to regret the psychology, and strive to never regret, push back never regret is to admonish themselves, hit through the stop loss is normal, is the process of trading must pay Cost, because our speculative philosophy is not one-sided pursuit of win rate always do not set a stop-loss is not normal speculation in foreign exchange to the stop-loss position and their position adjustment combined, but also to combine with their own operating cycle if you do medium-term operations, stop loss slightly enlarged some, generally about 150 points to do short-term operations, the average stop-loss level of about 40 points in the specific operation process to use a small amount of money, appropriate to do short term The technical stop loss and capital stop loss should be combined with the technical stop loss, generally on the technical stop loss level, and then appropriately relaxed about 10 points capital stop loss, generally not more than 5% of the total funds as a stop-loss level, once the loss exceeds 5% of the alert line, regardless of three or seventy-one, first out of the game. The most important way to prevent the explosion of foreign exchange speculation is strict risk management, the only way to do to reduce losses to win the maximum profit