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How to control the risk to a minimum

In the spot How Forex Rebates Work market, 24 hours a day trad cashbackforexreviewg time, buying cashback forex selling investment opportunities are plentiful, but why premiumrebateforex it that some people lose money or even burst their positions? The most important thing is that investors will HowForexRebatesWork control the risk in the gold market, control risk is very important, can do to control the risk to a minimum, you can survive in the gold market 1, learn to establish a position, chop position and profit Establishment of a position is the meaning of the opening of the opening is also called open, is the act of buying gold to choose the appropriate level of gold bestforexrebateratess and timing to establish a position is the premise of profit if the timing of market entry is good, the opportunity to profit On the contrary, if the timing of the market is not right, it is easy to occur losses The cut-off is in the establishment of positions, suddenly encountered when the gold price fell, in order to prevent losses too high and take the closing stop measures For example, to 157 price to sell gold, and then the gold price fell to 150, see the nominal loss has reached 7 yuan in order to prevent the gold price continued to decline to cause greater losses, it will be sold at the price level of 150 gold to a loss of 7 Sometimes traders do not admit to lose, and insist on waiting for the gold price to turn back, so that when the gold price slides will suffer huge losses The timing of the profit is more difficult to grasp after the establishment of the position, when the gold price has moved in the direction of their own favorable when the flat can be profitable for example, in 145 yuan to buy gold; when the gold price rose to 150 yuan, there has been 5 yuan of profit, so they will sell gold, to make a profit. Earn profits to grasp the timing of profit is very important, too early to close, not much profit; close too late, may delay the timing, gold price trend reversal, not gain but loss 2, pyramid plus code pyramid plus code means: after the first time to buy gold, gold prices rise, see the right investment, if you want to increase the code to increase investment, should follow each time the number of code less than the last principle so that the number of plus buy one by one will Less and less, like the pyramid because the higher the price, near the top of the possibility of rising, the greater the danger is also greater 3, do not lose money when the code After buying or selling gold, encounter the market suddenly in the opposite direction of the rush, some people will want to add code to do again, which is very dangerous, for example, when the gold price rose continuously for a period of time, traders chase high to buy the currency suddenly the market reversed, fell down. Traders see the loss of money, they want to buy a single at a low price to add code in an attempt to pull against the first single gold price, and in the gold price rebound, two single together to close the position, to avoid losses this plus code practice to be particularly careful if the gold price has been rising for a period of time, you buy may be a top, if the more down the more buy, continuous plus code, but the gold price always does not turn back, then the result is undoubtedly a vicious loss 4, do not participate in the uncertain market activities when Feel that the gold market trend is not clear enough, and their lack of confidence, to not enter the transaction is appropriate, otherwise it is easy to make a wrong judgment 5, do not blindly pursue the integer points Gold investment, sometimes for the strong fight a few points and missteps, some people in the establishment of positions, set themselves a profit target, such as to earn enough to 200 U.S. dollars or 500 yuan, etc., the heart always waiting for the arrival of this moment, sometimes the price Already close to the target, the opportunity is very good, just a few points short of in place, could have closed profit, but because of the original target, in the waiting missed the best price, sitting lost opportunity 6, in the Pan Bureau breakthrough when establishing positions Pan Bureau refers to the bull market, gold price volatility narrow Pan Bureau is the buyers and sellers are evenly matched, temporarily in the balance of performance whether it is the process of rising or falling in the Pan Bureau, once the Pan Bureau When the end, the market price will break the barrier and up or down, is a breakthrough forward This is too good a time to enter the market to establish a position, if the plate belongs to the long-term bull, break through the plate when the position established by the greater chance of profit 7, remember the gold market operation classic concept Only use the money to lose to invest, the initial transaction from a small amount, before trading to develop a trading plan, strict implementation of the trading plan, the courage to stop loss, not excessive Trading (after the failure of success), do not be a few points to mistake themselves, distinguish between hope and profit, efforts to withstand the psychological and physical pressure, do not blame God, the courage to admit mistakes, before the announcement of major events can leave the field to wait and see, learn to drop out of the windfall, do not press all the money to a transaction, in the gold price rise, do not inverted pyramid to increase the size, the edge of the entry to gain big, follow the trend, do not operate against the market, replenish energy, the Independent decision making