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Form trading system teach you exactly how to use

today about the cashbackforexreview HowForexRebatesWork in the end how to use the form system belongs to the pure right-hand side of the transaction, the k line will premiumrebateforex have any change after the closing, at th How Forex Rebates Work time the k form only has the signifi cashback forexce of analysis need to pay attention to the k even if the difference 1 minute closing line can not be used, because 1 minute reversal of the whole k form often occurs bestforexrebaterates is extremely important to remember where the following two k, closing line almost the same only the final stretch length difference, but the meaning of the representative is diametrically opposed trading system, teach you exactly how you should use" href=" "title="640. webp(1).jpg "alt="640.webp(1).jpg "rel="box "class="fancybox"/>One represents consolidation, one represents reversal which is a false signal and a real signal, this is the magic of the pattern system is also the difficult part, not to work how to master the nuances of the trading system, teach you How exactly should you use" href=" "title="640.webp(2).jpg" alt="640.webp(2).jpg" rel=" box "class="fancybox"/> A system signal, also known as a perfect pattern, behind often represents the entry of the main force, because these patterns are usually their entry left patterns appear again combined with the data release time, it is easy to see this, often patterns are appearing in the hours before the data, and then until the data release will see a variety of bankers fake action, which is A Friday EU h1 chart arrow 1 is already an entry signal, arrow 2 data announcement market pull down can be seen in the middle to do a long time fake action, especially there are a few big positive k, I do not know how many people were induced more, and how many short single stop loss was triggered this is the old way form system advantages are also reflected here, and then other systems are fake action sweep around, the form system has long been a well-informed entry a The form because there is data behind the support, so there is also the form of energy, the accumulation of energy this energy does not explode at all times in a high-risk state, at this time can not reverse the single, this is a matter of probability, reverse do is to choose a small probability of the party so the analysis of the large time period has practical significance when the large time period after the appearance of the form of this wave of energy is not released, in the hour section can not be done in reverse so to speak is not easy Understand the importance and significance of the analysis of the large time period this is previously spoken GU a daily chart short single signal although I do not do the daily chart, but this signal came out in H1 and H4 I will not do more this is the daily chart signal out of the H1 trend, you can see the front 4 small arrows induced more I will not even consider, because the daily chart has been bearish so the two days have been waiting until the long arrow pattern appears behind. At this point I know the empty single market to start, because that empty form is perfect and then combined with the large cycle of bearish expectations, coupled with the retracement and fake action has been carried out, so the overwhelming probability (very sure) to fall this is how the size of the cycle of the combination of the form system, here is not an example but I actually did a single form of the accumulated energy released, at this point into the more can be empty stage this When the large time frame form will not affect the judgment of the hourly segment according to the system signal to do a single good when the GU daily chart to the three arrows, the large time frame energy has been released, at this point there is no direction expected so the hourly segment at this time can be more can be empty this is the size with the knowledge to pay attention to, the hourly segment is not always affected by the large time frame of the form system entry to wait until the form of the closing line to confirm the same form system Theoretically, we believe that as long as the exit signal does not appear in the current market, so the arrow 1 entry can be taken for ten days until the arrow 2 appears, the form of the system can earn a lot of money and completely filter out all the fake action fake retracement, the whole process is as stable as a mountain is waiting for the closing line to see this is the advantage of the form of the system but the two sides of things arrow 1 entry profit has been very This is the helplessness of the morphological system does not close the line is meaningless, close the line profits are not when you see here many people will say why not go early, profit so much why not flat protection, which are common questions can only say that every step you envisage I have taken, it turns out to be a fork in the road, but also for a long time so that I can not break through the paradox until I understand such a phrase "Weak water three thousand only take a dipper"! I just really came out, the whole person enlightened is not your do not have to force, can catch the above wave is enough, the rest is just patience at this time the transaction became incredibly simple talk about the morphological system, also incidentally reviewed my experience, feelings quite deep any system will exist advantages and disadvantages, can not pursue perfection to a single-minded optimization at any time as long as firmly grasp the essence of the problem will not lose themselves, the above The essence of these morphological systems can understand how much depends on your fate, or the saying that those who have a destiny to get:)