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Forex VPS Tips Ali cloud computing ECS server-related terminology analysis

How Forex Rebates Work bestforexrebaterates ElasticComputeService ( cashbackforexreview) is a basic cloud computing service provided by Ali cloud use cloud server ECS is as convenient premiumrebateforex efficient as using water, electricity, gas and other resources you do not need to purchase hardware equipment in advance, but according to business needs, at any time to create the required number of cloud server ECS HowForexRebatesWorks in the use process as business expansion, you cashback forex always expand the disk, increase bandwidth if you no longer need the cloud server can also be released at any time to save money. In the process, as your business expands, you can always expand disk capacity and increase bandwidth. If you no longer need a cloud server, you can always release resources and save money. The concept, some people often complain about the selection of a cloud server, so many do not know the cloud of terms, cloud computing concepts and traditional server is not the same, headache, ah, instances, availability zones, what is the meaning of ah? Then Ali cloud server in the end how to choose the configuration of this article collated with Ali cloud ECS cloud server-related common terms and explanations of related concepts, I hope to help you quickly clear your mind, fast on the cloud, easy to embrace cloud computing 1, first of all is what is ECS cloud server cloud server ElasticComputeService (ECS) concept is A simple and efficient, processing power can be elastic scalable computing services, ten Ali cloud to provide a basic and you count services individuals or enterprises do not need to purchase any hardware equipment in advance, but according to business needs, at any time to create the required number of cloud server instances, and in the process of running and using, with the expansion of business, at any time the cloud server can be expanded disk, increase bandwidth if no longer need cloud servers If you no longer need the cloud server, you can easily release resources and save money to help individuals or enterprises quickly build stable and secure applications, improve operation and maintenance efficiency, reduce IT costs, and enable more focus on core business development and innovation.2. Instance Instance is the core part of the ECS product, a cloud server ECS instance is equivalent to a virtual machine, containing CPU, memory, operating system, network, disk The most basic computing components such as cloud server only based on the instance, in order to use other resources such as network, storage, snapshots, etc. 3, ECS instance series ECS instances are divided into different instance series based on the underlying support hardware currently supports three series are instance Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ For example, instance Ⅰ uses IntelXeon CPU with DDR3 memory I/O optimization Optional 4. Instance specification family An instance is the smallest unit that can provide computing services for your business, and it is based on certain specifications to provide you with the corresponding computing power. CPU and memory configuration (including CPU model, main frequency, etc.) these two basic attributes For example, the latest generation of instance specification family, according to the business scenario can be divided into: Enterprise X86 computing specification family, including: General-purpose instance specification family, including: General-purpose instance g5 General-purpose network enhanced instance sn2ne General-purpose instance sn2 5, disk Disk cloud Disk provides data block level cloud disk for ECS instances, according to the different performance, the cloud disk can be divided into ordinary cloud disk, high efficiency cloud disk, SSD cloud disk 6, RegionRegion region refers to the physical data center, such as North China 1, North China 2, North China 3, etc. 7, Availability ZoneZone availability zone refers to the same geographic area, power and network independent of each others physical The network latency of ECS instances within the same availability zone is smaller 8, Snapshot SnapshotECS snapshot when the disk data at a point in time, you can easily create a snapshot of the instance to retain the system data state at a point in time as a data backup, or make a mirror 9, image image is a cloud server ECS instance running The template of the environment, which generally includes the operating system and pre-installed software can use the image to create a new ECS instance and replace the system disk of the ECS instance 10, security group security group specifies one or more firewall rules, the rules contain allow access to the network protocol, port source IP, etc.11, ECS network - VPC (Virtual Proprietary Network) VPC based on OverLay technology VPC is based on OverLay technology, which establishes a customized virtual proprietary network for users, providing VLAV-level isolation and blocking external network communications. VPC provides two main capabilities: 1) users can customize the network topology, including the choice of free IP address range, segmentation, configuration of routing tables and gateways, etc.; 2) connect to the original data center through a private line or VPN, and use the same network address plan for resources on and off the cloud The above cloud to achieve the smooth application of thousands of above cloud understand the above common terms and related concepts of Ali cloud server ECS, I believe you will have a deeper understanding of the cloud server, and according to their own business needs to find the most suitable for their business development products and services Finally, share a few hanging foreign exchange EA Ali cloud server purchase benefits, through the following link to purchase can receive and use coupons Or directly get a discount: Ali cloud server coupons, Ali cloud server vouchers to receive, Ali cloud latest promotions