How Forex Rebates Work

Foreign exchange trading to be able to stop loss to make money

first fried foreign exchange first learn to stop cashback forex and then talk about making money, the so-called give and take, I have been the point of view, you can cashbackforexreview always be profitable, there premiumrebateforex no 100% correct rate as long as the correct rate is 51% on it, it is enough but there is a kind of intelligent trading, the kind of trading correct rate does not need 51% win rate, because its stop loss is very small, the profit is to take a shift stop, even if Correct rate of only 30%, but it is to lose small earn more No experience with live friends HowForexRebatesWork never know the importance of stop loss, which are blood experience and lessons learned so do any How Forex Rebates Work must be stop loss, the size of the stop loss will be based on your entry point is good not stop loss will have a fluke mentality, that is, down 10 points always think will bounce back according to their own ideas, down deeper and more violent, more will think The arrival of the rebound, please remember that bestforexrebateratesot gold inside no stop, please do not tell me you have a million dollars, even if there is what, how much money burst how much the market is always right, we only obedient More people will say I do a single, a short single not on it? Remember that you are called lock single, not stop loss called drift single inside the foreign exchange market is the most taboo 2 kinds of manipulation is drift single and lock single if you can really judge so accurate, I think you do not need to lock single (a single a short single) to make an analogy 1118 short single, 1125 more single, you lock a loss of 7 points, single is always a loss of 7 points (as long as you do not close any of them) if the market to 1128 If the market to 1128, you will say out of more than a single can not, and so 1128 down to 1115, 2 single can make money en, very right, you are also very god if you call it which point stop can which point stop, then you do not need to lock single if the market to 1128, you out of more than a single and up to 1132 you do, cut, continue to lock, entangled? The single lock will only make you lose about to about big, remember never to lock single, will only let you die incomplete body know how to control the risk of people will be in this market inside the stable profit, happy trading!