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Foreign exchange trading skills analysis

foreign bestforexrebate HowForexRebatesWorks trad premiumrebateforexg cashbackforexreviewing and selling skills 1. learn to establ How Forex Rebates Workh a position, chopping and profit Taking a position is the meaning of the opening of the opening is also called open, is to buy a currency, while selling another currency behavior if the timing is good, the opportunity to profit is large; on the contrary, if the timing of the market is not appropriate, it is easy to incur losses Chopping is in the establishment of a position, the currency held when the exchange rate falls, in order to prevent The loss is too high and take measures to close the stop loss For example, to 1.60 of the exchange rate to sell pounds, buy U.S. dollars later pounds exchange rate rose to 1.62, see the nominal loss has reached 200 points in order to prevent the pounds continue to rise to cause greater losses, it will be at the exchange rate level of 1.62 to buy back the pounds, sell U.S. dollars, to a loss of 200 points to end the exposure Sometimes traders do not recognize the loss, and insist on waiting, hoping that the exchange rate will return. Hope that the exchange rate back, so that when the exchange rate slides will suffer huge losses The timing of the profit is more difficult to grasp in the establishment of positions, when the exchange rate has moved in the direction of their own favor, the closing can be profitable, for example, in 120 to buy dollars, sell the yen; when the dollar rose to 122 yen, there have been 2 yen profit, so it will sell the dollar, buy back the yen to make the dollar position flat, earn yen Profit; or the original amount of yen sold in accordance with the original number of rolled, earn profits in U.S. dollars, which are flat profit behavior to grasp the timing of profit is very important, flat too early, profit is not much; flat too late, may delay the timing, the exchange rate trend reversal, not gain but loss 2. buy up not buy down foreign exchange trading with stock trading, rather buy up, not buy down because the cashback forex rise in the process of only one point is to buy the wrong That is, when the price rises to the top, the exchange rate like from the floor to the ceiling, can not rise again In addition to this point, any other point to buy are right When the exchange rate falls to buy, only one point is to buy the right, that is, the exchange rate has fallen to the lowest point, like falling to the floor, can not be low again In addition, other points to buy are wrong As the price rises to buy, only one point is to buy wrong, but in the price Therefore, the chance of profit when buying at rising prices is much greater than when prices are falling 3. The higher the price, the greater the possibility of approaching the top of the rise, and the greater the danger 4. buy (sell) on rumors, sell (buy) on facts The foreign exchange market, like the stock market, often circulates some news and even rumors, some of which later prove to be true, and some of which later prove to be nothing more than rumors The practice of traders is to buy as soon as they hear good news, and sell as soon as the news is confirmed If you do not trade quickly enough, you are likely to incur losses due to market movements. After a period of time, the trader chased the high buy the currency suddenly the market reversal, downward, the trader see lose money, they want to buy a single code at a low price, in an attempt to pull down the first single exchange rate, and in the exchange rate rebound, two single together to close the position, to avoid losses this code practice to be particularly careful if the exchange rate has been rising for a period of time, you buy may be a top, if the more down the more buy, continuous code, but the exchange rate Do not participate in uncertain market activities When you feel that the trend of the currency market is not clear enough, and lack of confidence, it is appropriate not to enter the transaction otherwise it is easy to make a wrong judgment 7. 200 U.S. dollars or 500 yuan, etc., the heart of the moment waiting for the arrival of this moment sometimes the price is close to the target, the opportunity is very good, just a few points short of in place, could have closed the money, but due to the original goal, in the waiting missed the best price, sitting lost opportunity 8. in the plate bureau breakthrough when establishing positions plate bureau refers to the bull market, the exchange rate volatility narrow plate bureau is buyers and sellers are evenly matched. Temporarily in the balance of the performance of either the process of rising or falling in the Pan Bureau, once the end of the Pan Bureau, the market price will break the barrier and up or down, a breakthrough forward This is a good time to enter the market to establish a position, if the Pan Bureau belongs to the long-term bull, break through the Pan Bureau when the position established by the opportunity to gain greater profit 9.  Price jump refers to the area on the chart where no trading occurs in the uptrend, the lowest price of a day is higher than the highest price of the previous day, the highest price of a day in the downtrend is lower than the lowest price of the previous day, leaving a gap or gap in the chart that the price of the day can not cover upward jump indicates that the market is strong, while downward jump is often a sign of market weakness jump phenomenon in the long-term nature of the image appears on the Do not ignore the impact of price jumps.  Ascending triangle from the evolution of the symmetrical triangle ascending triangle reflects the market buyer power than the seller, but each time in the same level encountered selling resistance, forming a horizontal resistance line reflecting the selling resistance on the other hand, a support line reflecting the demand situation will also be formed due to the buyers power than the sellers power, the bottom is constantly raised, showing an upward sloping trend ascending triangle indicates a breakthrough after the generation of Uptrend pain often ascending triangle is a continuous pattern investors wait for the triangle to break and a clear trend to follow