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Foreign exchange trading position management

capital management many people are only def premiumrebateforexed as r How Forex Rebates Workk control, that is, the concept of stop- cashback forex, in fact, the real capital management contains position management cashbackforexreview risk control two parts, position management including the combination of investment varieties, the size of each transaction capital use, the number of plus code and other such elements, all ultimately affect your overall trading results Most peoples concept has been looking for a high rate of However, assuming the same trading opportunity factors, the most urgent factor in the system is HowForexRebatesWork the high artificiality of the probability of the number of profits, the most urgent factor that determines the value of the trading system is the size of the investment amount at the time of profit and at the time of loss. In addition to the emphasis on the stop loss, did not pay attention to the importance of position management below to introduce you to the position management 1. 80% must be profitable, otherwise too late to regret In the process of foreign exchange trading, the account appears profitable, only the position closed for profit to become a realistic profit often said that only 80% profit, when the account profits reached their own expected seventy, 80%, should be profitable to exit, the remaining two, three achievements If you insist on doing this, it is also a good way to avoid stubbornness and cultivate the habit of following the line. Besides, no one knows how the bestforexrebaterates will be tomorrow, if you do not close your position in time, the market is likely to move rapidly in the direction of unfavorable to your position, or even reach or far exceed the price of the position held, then the regret The feeling of regret is hard to end, but it is not helpful When holding positions appear book profit, and do not know whether to take profit out, you can immediately close half of the position to take profit, leaving half in the market so that when the market is more Shanghai or more down, are not to regret Because of simple insatiable, headstrong, or make short positions miss the opportunity to take profit at low prices to close out, or make short positions to buy Most of the failures among speculators are due to missed opportunities. The larger the market fluctuation, the more intense the price change near the peak or trough, the more intense the price change in order to get the maximum profit, the ideal price when the last price change is the most intense, or because the previous prediction is accurate and forgetful, 80% of the profit must be two regrets, etc. This kind of blind speculation in the market trading are more and more, the more the phenomenon of sitting on the lost opportunity 2. set stop-loss point and profit point The so-called set stop-loss point is to stop loss, to control the loss in the smallest set up when the loss reached how much to exit or when the price of their positions to increase the direction of change, to a certain price will automatically exit, the biggest advantage of this practice The biggest advantage of this practice is that you can avoid the situation of a foot wrong, to save the strength of the stop loss is a valuable means of controlling risk, but should pay special attention to the following three points ① if the price of the stop-loss point is set unrealistic, the temporary adjustment in the rising market or the temporary rebound in the falling market when the implementation of the stop loss, it is more tragic ② there may be many people set a stop loss at the same price level, due to these large numbers of stop-loss orders, the market sometimes surges more violently. market sometimes more intense surge exposure ③ Once the price of the stop-loss point is determined, it should not be arbitrarily changed 3. chopping the value of a thousand gold in the market stubbornness, my way is the most serious cancer position has a book loss, and is expected to increase losses, must be brave and decisive judgment, chopping the position to control losses to a minimum, to reserve funds for re-entry into the market Especially in times of bad luck, chopping the position is very The important thing, to be open-minded to experience The backhand trade is to close all the positions held now, after re-establishing the opposite of this position to now hold a short position all closed after re-buying into the market is called backhand buying Backhand trading has two cases one is the book has a profitable position after closing profit, establish the opposite of the position through the market in the opposite direction and again to obtain profits one is the book After the loss of positions cut off, in order to compensate for losses and backhand into the market backhand into the market, most of the backhand into the market is a loss position backhand trading as a foreign exchange trading tactics is a big move, if the success is a very beautiful decisive move, of course, the risk of failure is also very large, especially the loss of positions of the backhand trading failure examples are more to the point of having to backhand no doubt because they are afraid of forecasting mistakes, mental The market has been hit by the emotional impatience, so the lack of accuracy in the judgment of the market, only worry about quickly make up the losses early profits, either in the market has risen to a considerable extent to buy or sell at the bottom and get into trouble 4. If the small position is not profitable, you should judge that it is still far from the peak and you must be cautious and restrained in selling short, but if the small position is gradually becoming more profitable, you should see it as an opportunity to sell short and take the tactic of concentrating on selling in one move. Observe the market situation is very important, not only limited to the first time to do foreign exchange, note is a veteran speculator also need to do so If there is no considerable financial strength and absolute certainty of the market, to do a large position is a risk of small positions not only break the idea of chopping positions easy, backhand into the market is also easy, while a large position is difficult to do these This is a small position is easy to succeed, large positions easy to fail the fundamental reason 5. Method risk is small Do foreign exchange, think is the bottom is a time to invest all the money to buy a large number of foreign exchange contracts is foolish, must be divided into two, three times to buy, which is the division method in the capital should leave a certain margin, should be fully tentative to buy and really buy, and the limit of investment money shall not exceed one-third of the prepared funds To really the bottom, a one-time all buy is no problem, but If it is bought at a high price, a plunge will lose all the benefits, and even lose everything if you think that the opportunity is only once, no matter how easy with gambling color market is set up a very strong meaning, especially at this time, it is easy to do in the high price to buy things, the chance of failure correspondingly more On the contrary, if divided into two, three times to buy, even if the first idea is wrong, the loss is also very limited, there is a second, third chance of success. There is a second and third chance of success, so the risk will be reduced accordingly If the initial success, then of course, you can continue to buy into the market with confidence and boldness Splitting method has a pyramid, inverse pyramid type, and diamond type way Here is a brief explanation of the general pyramid type ① If the opposite of the forecast, the market moves in the opposite direction of their positions, then the initial position into the market will be cut off ② Even if the initial position fails, there is a second and third chance of success, to the loss-plus method, while waiting for the opportunity, while the average value of positions held to adjust more in their favor ③ If the initial market position is right, then keep increasing the market position to make greater profits There are many advantages of splitting, the main thing is to be able to spread the risk, so that the corresponding chance of success will be more 6. flat hard and lose money to increase the size of the hard is the hard of disaster, here is the meaning of loss such as holding a losing buy position, by continuing to buy in the low price to reduce the average price of the losing position, the average loss is called flat hard method of warfare predict that the market will not fall below a certain point, or even if the momentary fall in the near future will certainly be able to return to this point, and will be far back to this point above, then it is Prior to the broker at this price level to leave a price limit buy orders in the price below this point to keep buying, this is called flat difficult to fall buy method of the opposite occasion for the flat difficult to sell up to fall buy occasions, the initial buy orders are with experimental, position volume is not easy to too large, with the market continues to fall and gradually increase the buy position is the more ideal method flat difficult warfare method to reduce the degree of loss of each position But because the buy short position is fan-shaped increase, the total loss of all buy short positions will reach a huge amount, when their own predictions of the market is not correct, but will become a great burden, so if there is not enough money, success is difficult to hope for Ping difficult method there is a MARTINGACG, after losing the bet to double the stake, and finally win the method in the market is called times Pei Ping difficult this method in the initial stage 7. two-way position method, sealing position method sealing position method is to refer to their own positions because of forecasting errors and losses, in order not to appear more losses, a moment in the market to establish the same number of positions with the initial entry position, the direction of the opposite position, in the period considered appropriate, the first position of one side to close, leaving the other side of the head to make up for the loss of profit, so as to reverse the loss into profit. This is the insurance for their own positions, is purely speculative in nature and the usual underwriting has two differences: ① through the same foreign exchange to insurance forecasts on foreign exchange, ② if the initial position does not lose money, there is no need for insurance The closure position method of the occasion, we must pay attention to the motor to remove one side of the position, if the wrong removal, it becomes the so-called two-way position double loss if not in very special circumstances This is a very special occasion, should not remove the book profit position, leaving only the loss position, which is speculative practice, generally should be the loss position first cut off, leaving the book has a profit position this is because the loss of the party in the nature of the current market direction, this position earlier dealt with to be smart and the book has a profit party is in line with the current market fluctuations to stay in the market has greater To get the ideal result of small losses and large profits, it is quite important to remove the method of closing positions like this 8. The volume of positions is also a risk The volume of positions is also a risk, it is difficult to appreciate this when the foreign exchange is doing quite well or quite lucky, as no one knows the market tomorrow, todays very smooth positions may not be the same tomorrow, perhaps the market will reverse a hundred Obedient market position of course than ten obedient market position profit, this is no doubt can go the other way to transport away, a hundred adverse market position than ten adverse market position more loss ten times, if the situation continues to deteriorate, then a hundred adverse market position loss increase amount compared to ten will be amazingly huge, if the loss reaches a certain degree or more, but also involved in margin calls or forced to close positions, the results will be Therefore, before entering the market trading to fully consider their own financial strength, do not throw it all away, to seriously study the market, study the test method, the division method, and strive to make money on small positions Peoples energy is always limited, can seriously deal with up to three commodities at the same time, that is, it is best not to hold more than three kinds of commodities position variety, as if each commodity is seriously watching, in fact, to them The subtle and meaningful changes are already inattentive or inattentive, and then react after many changes, the opportunity has passed, leaving only regret Similarly, the same commodity should not hold too many contracts, the price of more up and down the intense changes, sometimes do not know which contract to deal with, not only should not earn the money in hand, over time, will cause a lot of unnecessary the loss of