How Forex Rebates Work

Foreign exchange trading in these cautionary tales you should bear in mind

1) position: after you HowForexRebatesWork continue to profit, the maximum position never more than 10%, that premiumrebateforex, 1000 maximum open 2 single; 2) stop loss: after the order, must be placed at the same time stop loss level, 30-50 points is more appropriate, bestforexrebaterates you can How Forex Rebates Work control, cashbackforexreview not do; 3) trading frequency: 1 week if the transaction more than 2 times, it is excessive Trading 4) protection of profits  if a transaction floating profit ever reached more than 30 points, the expected market does not seem to have begun, should place the stop loss in the profit 10 points position; 60 points or more, placed at 40 points; 100 points or more, ready to go away 5) trading with the trend: never buy and sell against the market, unless you judge the upcoming turn 6) something not to do: can not see how to do? If the short position, wait and see; if profit, walk away at any time; if a small loss, also to walk away; 7) trading objects: only do single-sided market, not the consolidation of the city - single-sided market of unfamiliar species, better than the familiar varieties of the consolidation of the city 8) diversification of positions: the best to trade more than two currencies at the same time; I think, or do the most certain currency best 9)Intervention: use the market price commission as much as possible; - if the market opportunity is not much, it must be used; if the market opportunity is a lot, it is not necessary; use the limit commission, must be very experienced in the market 10)Stop win: if the trend is going very healthy, continue to hold until the trend weak To stop; 11) maintain profit: if the short-term account funds too much profit, either with time to grind, a short period of time not to trade; either another account or take away the profit, the account funds K-line pressure to 5 days or 10 days to go; 12) fluctuations in profit-oriented: the reason for intervention in a currency, not for interest, interest in front of the fluctuations, is childs play; 13) cut off the loss: if the current single is a loss. Never add code, really can not get down, with a stop loss cut it; '{;[email protected]*[14)Patience: If you place a single basis, simply because of impatience, can not wait that long, you will sooner or later be finished;!15)Risk-reward ratio: at least 1:3,- stop loss of 30 points, profit is expected to 100 points, success rate of 50%, do twice the net profit of 50 points; 16)Stop loss. Stop-loss orders can not be revoked 17) trading frequency: the same as above 18) buy and sell points: willing to buy the point, should also be willing to short sellers back to cover the point, and vice versa, the transaction is continuous; 19) buy and sell based on: the price level, not the basis for buying and selling; 20) add code: if the previous single is not profitable, can not add code; add code should be placed after the breakout of the consolidation area; not in the capital K-line pulling big sun When adding code; 21) the size of the plate: the rise and fall of the euro, than the other three species are small, the yen is the most active; 22) hedging: never use the method of locking positions to find excuses for their indecision; 23) long short: at the time of your intervention, should have already had their own judgment of the trend, the safer way is to do only one side; unless you judge that the trend will end, do not do both; 24) Add code: not to add code when the capital K-line pulling a big sun; Jahn stressed ① capital safety is the first, sustainability is more important than anything else; ② stop-loss single, if you do study the placement of the stop-loss level, you will find that you place the stop-loss level, 9 times out of 10 are right, only 1 just hit through on the turnaround ③ once again emphasize the stop-loss, place the stop-loss do not revoke it; - ④ do not over-trade ⑤ in profit After, to have close stop-loss single to protect your profits; ⑥ you just have to do the right thing and keep in line with the market, profits will roll in since; but if you look in the wrong direction, dont be afraid, you have stop-loss protection; ⑦ health is wealth ⑧ increase the size: feel for yourself, now is not the time; ⑨ most of the investors who have been able to make solid profits, and ultimately failed, 90% because: no stop-loss + overtrading ⑩Only when you can help yourself, others can help you