How Forex Rebates Work

Foreign exchange trading in the barrel principle

barrel principle roughly means that a barrel can hold how much water does premiumrebateforex depend on the highest piece of the barrel planks, cashbackforexreview depends on the shortest piece of the board foreign exchange traders quality summed up How Forex Rebates Work 5 big planks: one, capital management two, physical distribution three, psychological quality, four, technical analysis five, life wisdom as the bottom of the barrel ------- the most important, but also the most Easy to be ignored Over the years, have seen bestforexrebaterates heard many in the foreign exchange HowForexRebatesWork made a lot of money, and in a short time quickly lost all, the root cause, is the loss of life wisdom A, capital management is the primary Foreign exchange trading all the success of the most important phrase: capital management! Funds management! Funds management!  Second, physical fitness This is a very simple truth, but also very easy to be ignored, the body is the greatest wealth Experienced speculators are not in a big drunk the next day also trading It is difficult to imagine a in poor physical condition can have a clear head Tranquility to far, no sober mind, how quiet, how to far?  Of course physical fitness does not mean a healthy body, maybe you have certain chronic diseases, but you have to know how to distribute, so that your body provides the energy your brain needs     Zhang Liang of the Han Dynasty had a very bad physical bottom, but he lived more than 70 years old and established a great success Three, psychological quality Also known as the mindset Mindset this is a very difficult cashback forex word explanation, many people try to make their mindset smooth This is the opposite of the phase (Buddhist term), the real state of mind is natural, the road is natural, the right time and move, with the intention to play an analogy, ping-pong, when your level on the road, the opponent sent over the ball, you naturally received, the ball will play with your intention to the opposite About the state of mind, my understanding is habit, natural in the chaos operation method, habitual operation and Analysis is the master and low-handed definition of the line Fourth, technical analysis My understanding of the technical analysis of foreign exchange is not a prediction, but a tool to determine the psychology of the market market can not predict, but can feel the so-called feeling, is the sense of the plate, speculation is a very simple thing (simple is not simple) Many people know the Zen story of seeing the mountain is the mountain, but can not understand the last see the mountain or mountain, see the water or water is a return to the real The first layer is not simple to see the mountain is the mountain When you rely on technical analysis to analyze the market and the implementation of the plan, rather than using disk sense to interpret the market and habitual operation of the actual battle, speculation is not yet a simple matter Five, the wisdom of life The solidity of the size of the bottom of the bucket determines the solidity and size of the bucket The old saying, how big the heart is, how big the world is Wisdom is not IQ, wisdom is the ability to solve problems Soldier There is a saying that life is a problem stacked on top of a problem Speculation is not the same, there are no two identical leaves in the world, the speculative world is not the same two quotes Similarity is not the same, history repeats itself, but always in a different way, the problems of the day, the problems of the market, are repeating, are in a different way about the problem of execution: 1, is repeatedly reinforced training, until deep Subconscious, become instinctive 2, is to objectify as much as possible to the various levels of things are completely objective, theoretical, then the implementation will become much easier The implementation is not effective because of the loss and gain, in the level of understanding and theoretical level is vague, the direction is unclear, there may be right or wrong, so the deeper and clearer the understanding of the market, the psychological, the more comprehensive factors, then the difficulty of implementation will be lower The most The most important thing is to make sure that you are executing the most correct decision in terms of probability theory.