How Forex Rebates Work

Foreign exchange trading from introductory to proficient recommended books that should be read at each stage of trading

In fact, for How Forex Rebates Work, many th cashbackforexreviewgs to speak out premiumrebateforex not complicated, the main thing is how to learn to apply, today then recommend some books as a trader may see, bestforexrebaterates how to use these books to form a system of a process, f HowForexRebatesWorkst look at the recommended In fact, for a trader, the growth process In fact, for a trader, the growth process is divided into the following four points: First: the study of basic knowledge (here, including technical and fundamental) technical books recommended: "Technical Analysis of Futures Markets" cashback forex the United States & John Murphy "Japanese Wax Line Chart Technology" by the United States & Stephen Nissen For beginners, these two books are a fairly comprehensive overview of the markets two mainstream technical analysis of the analytical logic, as well as trading skills. The two books are also essential reading for beginning traders, and of course there are some derivative versions of technical analysis like "Dow Theory", "Wave Theory" and some indicators and other related books, which can also be used to understand the fundamentals in general, in fact, it is recommended to look at the financial calendar, Baidu encyclopedia search the data descriptions, to understand some of the market focus on the situation, as well as the impact and changes of some large data like interest rates and interest rate meetings, monetary policy, inflation reports The second phase of learning and cultivation of the mindset when learning a lot of trading skills, found that the market does not rely on technology can survive, many times in the face of real money fluctuations will inevitably produce ripples in the mindset. So the second stage of mentality training is also the most important, and very often a good mentality determines a good fate recommended books: "Memoirs of a stock trader" by the United States & Edwin Lefevre "a dream of ten years: the confessions of a trader" by Qingze "out of illusion towards maturity" by the financial empire "social psychology" by the United States & David Myers "financial psychology" by Norway & Lars T The first three books by Wade, is a must-read books for financial practitioners, you can learn by understanding the growth process of others, to build their own trading ideas Every time you encounter problems and frustrations in trading, turn to see, often find that the content will have some of their own epitome, each time you flip through will have certain gains for the fourth and fifth book, mainly psychology books, in fact, financial warfare is psychological warfare, do not know psychology is The social psychology book is very good, easy to understand, not only useful for financial transactions, also very useful for daily life interested friends can also look at the books on behavioral finance, personally, behavioral finance is the mainstream of future financial research Third: the composition of the trading system In fact, the third point is basically the same time as the second point to build, read some books on mindset development, to understand the others Trading concept, and thus need to start building their own trading system, and likewise, the construction of the trading system is precisely to better control the problem of trading mentality, to objective, rule-based system to make trading become specific, clear so as not to produce fear and greed of uncertainty in the trading process, complement each other recommended books: "Turtle Trading Rules" by the United States & Curtis Feith Professional speculation principles" by the United States & Victor Spolondi "foreign exchange trading 24 fine lessons" by Wei Qiangbin "into my trading room" by the United States & pressure mountain - Elder by the turtle trading rules for how to establish, evaluate, improve their own trading system has a comprehensive understanding of the same then suggest that the majority of friends to see some probability statistics books, because financial transactions are not that time is So how to improve the probability of financial trading is also the basis of objective statistical probability is also necessary to learn the professional speculative principles of quantitative risk concept is very worth learning 24 lessons of this book is about foreign exchange trading, but many ideas universal to any transaction, especially the book on the analysis of random reinforcement and consistent reinforcement, as well as the analysis of the contradiction between the win rate and the profit and loss ratio. Very wonderful into my trading room is a very comprehensive book, trading system, risk management and mind control is introduced comprehensively, conducive to the formation of a comprehensive financial trading concept Fourth: Implementation and sublimation When the trading system is formed, and in the historical statistics, in the positive development, then all you have to do is to implement, improve, and sublimation, so that you are in a higher height and thought dimension to understand the market. In fact, for the financial markets, I personally believe that the market is like a forest, a single-minded in the market will be limited by the market, it is difficult to find the way out of the market this forest, so it is important to improve the height, when we think outside the box to stand at the top of the mountain to observe, perhaps more conducive to our comprehensive understanding of the market recommended books: "Trading Psychoanalysis" U.S. & Mark Douglas by "The Gift of Ghosts As a financial trader, no matter how good the premise of the system, it is also necessary to face the psychological impact, and a complete and clear understanding of the market, to help traders better overall control of the psychological and stable implementation of the trading system, trading heart analysis and the gift of ghosts relatively complete explanation of the entire market, regardless of the system or from the mind. Is from the system or from the mentality of the solution have a good reference meaning there are some can improve the height of the original thinking out of the books, such as "Tao Te Ching" "anti-sutra" "the four sermons" "the book of biography" "the rabble" "out of control" "the technology of thinking" "the power of the moment" and so on, in fact, individuals have not read many books, here to recommend some, the same if there are good books can also hope to recommend to me The above are the books I have picked out from the nearly 100 books I have read and found to be very good. In general, I think financial trading is a system project, basic knowledge of economics, finance, probability statistics, psychology is required, in addition, also need to draw nutrition from philosophy to form their own good world view of life and values I remember Alexander said in the book into my trading room No one would think that you can become a good doctor without studying hard, but there are many people who naively think that you can become a trading master without studying hard, I agree with this statement. In fact, financial trading is completely applicable to some of the skills of real life, the relationship between learning and practice simply only learning is of no practical significance, we have to do is to learn the knowledge of the transformation in the actual transaction, there is such a saying: practice is the only choice to test the truth is exactly so so the next is to do, to go through a large number of transactions, a large number of replay summary, a lot of time and energy to Understanding their own trading methods for the application of the market results then specific steps: a: understanding their own trading patterns to understand the trading patterns, to be precise, need to know their trading principles, how to enter and exit the market, under what conditions to meet the transaction two: the application of their own patterns in the transaction of statistics The reason for the statistics is because trading is originally a probability problem, any trading The purpose of the use of any trading method is to improve the probability of profitability of the transaction of course, here the probability and profit-loss ratio is a relationship, through the book should be able to understand this relationship without explanation since it is a probability problem, then we have to clarify their probability, clear their trading style in the history of the presentation of results in fact, another reason to do probability statistics is to get a better trading mentality in fact, trading in the bad In fact, the bad mentality in trading is greed and fear, both of which are caused by the lack of understanding of their own trading. This is a normal psychological reaction to trading fear is due to our lack of understanding of the market, the way we do not understand their own transactions caused by the fact that we are not clear about the results of their own long-term implementation at the time, so there will be fear, then we review the statistics after familiar with the results of the implementation of their own trading model is bound to not produce too much psychological fear three: through the statistical results of the development of capital management and risk control system Control system risk control as well as capital management, is the need to support their own trading system, according to their own history of retracement, as well as continuous loss situation to develop after the previous statistics these will also slowly and naturally formed four: strict execution execution, success is to repeat simple things again and again many times is the need for us to seemingly insignificant each time things, each transaction strictly implement down to summarize, in fact To do any thing well, are required to be divided into two parts, learning and practice are indispensable many investors in the case of blind trading without learning, is irresponsible to their own, the financial market contempt, and overestimation of their own, as the industry chain at the top of the profession, financial trading is not easy, contempt and conceit will be reflected in the loss of money, so more learning, more questions, more practice, the text is put I hope that every investor can find their own trading ideas, trading models and their own golden house as soon as possible!