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Foreign exchange operation technique summary (the essence of the actual battle)

f premiumrebateforex foreign exchange operations, each cashbackforexreviewvestor has their own experience, in general, are in the trend How Forex Rebates Work r bestforexrebateratesk management range, but for individuals to be able to do it well, to be able to help themselves win is not easy things investors can learn more about the operation of others to their own operation to complement the strengths and weaknesses, improve their own trading strategy to become A successful foreign exchange speculator, is not a light thing, you need to develop is a long-term, sustained, stable profitability forex trading techniques, refers to some way to complete a countrys currency and another countrys currency exchange process method you need to reacquaint yourself, and then establish a suitable for their own characteristics of the trading decision system, and according to the system to trade the foreign exchange cashback forex is a large gro HowForexRebatesWork of people of equal intelligence In the face of roughly the same market information, the use of roughly the same analysis and forecasting techniques, follow the accepted rules of the transaction, a zero-sum game a, consolidation when the response stored both long, its hair will be fast if the price for many days in a narrow range of consolidation, the formation of a picture on the chart, such as the construction site covered with foundation piles, we are accustomed to call the dense area, is also the technical support experts say Zone, this dense area once up or down breakthrough, will cause a blazing upside or mercury cascade down to participate in foreign exchange trading, must grasp such opportunities Why dense area breakthrough will have such a strong impulse? Ancient cloud: stored both long, its hair will be fast like a volcano, hot magma and hard crust for the force of the battle, the longer the suppression, the greater the accumulation of energy, once the eruption, shaking the sky and earth in the formation of dense areas in the process, the war between long and short, fierce due to the narrow range, whether long or short, in the dense area are no big profit, lose the significance of closing positions, therefore, open positions must be accumulating more and more at this time, the large investors may be actively collecting, or waiting for a breakthrough. The large investors may actively collect, perhaps waiting for the opportunity to develop the dense area lateral development, clear horizon breeding storms, calm sea under the surface of the churning undercurrents dense area along the time coordinates of the longer, the greater the explosive force up or down when the dense area finally broke evenly, upward or downward, there are three forces for this breakthrough: First, in the dense area deployed for a long time, traders have the momentum, fierce Second, during the formation of the dense area to adhere to the wait-and-see traders see the trend of clarity, immediately follow the trend; third, in the dense area of the wrong direction, part of the people will stop loss to admit compensation, technical buying or selling more make the breakthrough situation fueled by the combination of the three forces, resulting in the dense area after the breakthrough of the trend has a large range, fast characteristics and this range, speed and Dense area in the length of the time coordinate is often proportional to Second, the market repeatedly when the countermeasures short term trading foreign exchange trend, not always one-sided big rise or big fall between a rise and fall, or between two rise, or two fall, there will often be a repeated ups and downs of the market (so-called repeated ups and downs, refers to the price level hovering in a narrow area, close to the upper limit on (Repeated ups and downs, refers to the price hovering in a narrow area, close to the upper limit to fall back, encounter the lower limit and turn up, back and forth shuttle, horizontal development) from the graphical point of view, like a box, so also known as the box trend repeated ups and downs generated by the market is no obvious positive or negative news support, the market lost unilateral development of the clear basis, whether buyers or sellers basically do not make long-term investment, only short-term operations, the two sides in a competitive state, you and I, who can not prevail Many traders, accustomed to the unilateral market, a straight road to the end, encounter repeated ups and downs in the market, often left a slap, right a slap, hit the sky, dizzy in the repeated ups and downs in the city trading guidance tactics is to go short because the distance between the upper and lower limits is not large, and a cap to turn around and go down, a touch of the lower limit to turn back to the upside, the opportunity to profit is fleeting, so, must see the profit on Close, a greedy is likely to lose money specific countermeasures are: to determine is a repeated up and down after the city, in close to the lower limit to buy to do long, up to close the upper limit to sell, and backhand to do short again down to the lower limit, and close the position and reverse to do long, back and forth operation, accumulate less into more such a tactic, must have the mobility and flexibility to the upper limit or lower limit to immediately turn, otherwise it will be a basket of water a blank in this It must be pointed out that the repeated rise and fall of the city is a temporary state of consolidation, upward breakthrough or downward breakthrough will sooner or later appear so, when you go short must pay attention to set a limit stop loss after buying, down below the lower limit on surrender; after selling short, rushing through the upper limit on the recognition of compensation and according to the first breakthrough method to do!   Third, the use of technical finishing short term trading (must be short term, not long stay, unless the profits earned at the beginning of the larger) in the foreign exchange market, there will be no turning back to the end of the market, and then the harsh rising trend is not possible to rush up to the top in one breath, and then the tragic downtrend is difficult a straight line down to the end, the middle must go through the consolidation consolidation to carry out a new wave of up or down this consolidation The term technical finishing technical finishing is caused by three forces: one is part of the floating profits of traders to close positions, technical buying or selling to make the market by the opposite direction of the pressure and pullback; two is part of the floating losses of traders to take the average price tactics, plus dead code, so that the trend of zigzag; three is that some people feel that this wave has been almost, the implementation of short out of the blitz, but also on the price level has Impact technical collation gives us an opportunity to go short, usually such a collation, equal to the previous period of ascending or descending thirty to fifty percent of the grasp, profits are also considerable technical collation is also a signal can be found, for example, in the rising trend, three consecutive K-line pull out the red line, but one than a short, decreasing day by day; or even up after a number of, to a On the other hand, in a downtrend, three consecutive black lines, but one shorter than the other, with a decreasing rate of decline day by day; or after a series of declines, a low opening and high closing, pulling out a red line with a lower shadow, these are signs that the downtrend is about to rebound to take advantage of an uptrend adjustment to go short, or to catch a downtrend rebound to go long. Rebound when doing more, is a technical operation in line with the principles of the market and even the previous stage has caught the opportunity to rise or fall, but also to take advantage of the adjustment of the Bureau of anti-selling or anti-buy, that can really reach both picking watermelon, and pick up the most ideal realm of sesame using technical finishing for trading can only do short term, absolutely can not be too greedy, in general, the adjustment of up to 50% of the range, when it should be over because Even the use of the average price tactics, to this price level, they are likely to close their positions and leave the market you are too greedy not to go, the market a turnaround back to the general direction, it becomes greedy sesame seeds and lost watermelon whether upward trend process or downward trend process of technical finishing, does not mean that the direction of change, the basic direction of the adjustment when the general trend has not changed, the market popularity in the strategy has not changed, the chart trend on the whole has not changed Therefore, the collation is a temporary fist back a shrinkage, is to more powerfully fight forward out this is our use of technical collation to do short term operations should be awake to remember the  four, pay attention to the signal of a single day turn no only up not down the market, there is no only down not up the trend of alternating up and down is the basic law of foreign exchange trends but up and down reversal but there are two different types of nature of the evolution: one Usually to a high open low, many times with an upper shadow; or a low open high, many times with a lower shadow as a sign, belongs to a small action, generally completed in a trading day, so called a single day turn profit taking or trend retraction is the main reason for a single day turn a large upward trend or a large downward trend, often consisting of several small rising or falling waves up and down a bit on the retraction, after digestion to come back The next wave of up and down in each small wave of the top or small wave of the bottom, more concentrated closing sell or closing buy will cause a single day turn single day turn the most special thing, is that its opening and closing prices have the significance of the preceding and following, even after many days up and then jump high or even after many days down and then jump low, this is the first feature of the single day turn this point for the continued multi-day rush up or down has Continuity, it can be said that the previous open high after having floating profits buyers, have taken advantage of the high closed positions arbitrage, so that the market price pushed down, and the previous section of the ascending direction, the formation of the day is up to down; or open low after having floating profits sellers, have taken advantage of the low profit closing positions, so that the market price higher, and the previous section of the downturn in the opposite direction, the formation of the day is down to up This is the second feature of the single day turn this point for the The next few days of technical finishing of a small drop or a small rise with indicative, can be said to be after the start of the single-day turn after the emergence of the ensuing adjustment, generally equivalent to the previous section of the rise or fall of thirty percent to fifty percent relative to the foreign exchange contract margin, if you get a grasp, profits are quite substantial Therefore, after a round of sharp rise or fall, we should pay attention to whether there is a single-day turn signs appear in the single-day turn The situation will be determined, that is, near the end of the market to do short or long, often can earn the next few days of decline or rise