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Foreign exchange investment success trilogy mindset is the most important

bestforexrebaterates premiumrebateforex investment looks complex, the operation How Forex Rebates Work even more complicated, but in fact, the investor-related factors are only three: mindset, management, ability investors generally value is the ability, followed by management, less valued or even fundamentally ignored is the mindset in fact, foreign exchange investment to long-term survival, stable profit, the most important is the mindset of psychological quality, followed by The most important thing is to manage risk management cashbackforexreview capital management, and finally the ability to analyze and model the ability of investors if they can reasonably adjust these three factors, want to long-term stable profits in the foreign exchange investment HowForexRebatesWork is not difficult This edition of the series of articles published for this purpose, the authors 6 years of research and investment experience in the foreign exchange market, for the benefit of readers foreign exchange market is the worlds largest financial cashback forex market, and now the daily trading volume has exceeded 3 The foreign exchange market is 24 hours in the global countries between the relay trading, not for any country trading place and time limit so the foreign exchange market is the worlds cleanest, most efficient market, no country anyone and force can manipulate the foreign exchange market investment only systematic risk, no non-systematic risk, thus compared to futures, stocks, etc. Investment market, the foreign exchange market is more suitable for small and medium-sized investors I according to 6 years in the foreign exchange market research and investment experience, the first to talk about the foreign exchange investment mentality starting point most investors because they heard that the foreign exchange market risk than other investment market risk is small, leveraged foreign exchange transactions have the opportunity to get rich overnight and enter the foreign exchange market there are many people regardless of their own subjective and objective conditions, they flocked to invest. Although this situation is caused by multiple factors, but the first and foremost is the majority of investors mentality is not good foreign exchange market can indeed be profitable, may also have a good return, occasionally there is an opportunity to get rich overnight, but the opportunity to get rich is with the risk of losing positions at the same time the key to investment in the foreign exchange market: one is long-term survival, the second is stable profit in the foreign exchange market investment, the starting point is the pursuit of long-term survival The primary motive is to chase stable and orderly profits rather than overnight riches Therefore, if investors hold the mindset of not pursuing huge profits and only obtaining the appropriate rate of return, then the first step in the foreign exchange investment is good, and is the most important step to quit impatience into the foreign exchange market is 24-hour trading, and there are up to nearly 30 currencies to choose from, so suitable for trading and profit opportunities are very much in the trading hours. There are often a large number of investment opportunities appear therefore, many investors see the trading signals into, the result is often a trading session down, the account accumulates a large number of trading positions This causes two problems: a large number of unprofitable transactions and risk exposure is too large because the market is accompanied by real and fake trading opportunities, investors are often deceived by many fake trading signals into and if a large number of transactions, the risk exposure is difficult to bear and control Therefore, in foreign exchange trading, the second important psychological quality is patience, rather than miss 10 opportunities to win, and never risk 1 quit pessimism in the foreign exchange market after opening a position to establish a trading position, floating losses are inevitable, and often appear because the foreign exchange market is a 24-hour trading, the exchange rate is the habit of its trend is often repeated, that is, the trend of the later trading time will often be on the previous trading time within the So, if the exchange rate trend does not reach an important turning point, even if the loss of position, generally do not close the position at will do not bring discouragement into the foreign exchange investment behavior to quit passionate investors energy and time is limited, and foreign exchange trading is continuous 24 hours of unlimited foreign exchange market On the endless money, there are endless trading opportunities, investors must arrange their time reasonably, do not follow the flow of foreign exchange market transactions and ultra-long hours of staring and trading Europe and the United States trading hours is the largest volume of foreign exchange market transactions, the most intense time of the market, so the most suitable for the country to do foreign exchange investment time about 20:30-24:00 Beijing time between quit slack many investors in the purchase of shares after If the stock falls or the market is not good, often the stock will be put to sleep in the account, waiting for the market to rebound that day to unwind this slack psychology is the big foreign exchange investment taboo foreign exchange investment because it is 24-hour trading, and is global, if the opening of a few days or even longer not to take care of, often the market has developed and changed the market, the investors account may have lost a lot of money or even has been a position Therefore, if the foreign exchange investors trading account has risk exposure, even in the face of losses, the treatment must be timely, absolutely not a long time to ignore personality lazy and slack people, not suitable for foreign exchange investment