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Foreign exchange futures specifications

Foreign cashbackforexreview How Forex Rebates Work specifications Introduction Contracts Foreign exchange futures contracts are standardized futures contracts with cashback forex exchange as the delivery content Trading unit Foreign exchange futures contracts trading unit, each foreign exchange futures contracts are standardized by the exchange trading unit for example, the German mark futures contract trading unit of 125,000 marks each; delivery month Delivery month, the international currency market all foreign exchange The delivery month of the futures contract is the same, for March, June, bestforexrebaterateseptember and December of each year, the third Wednesday of the delivery month for the delivery day of the month; generic code generic code, in the operation, the exchange and futures commission merchants and futures quotation table are used to indicate the code of foreign exchange futures eight major currencies of foreign exchange futures of the generic code are, respectively, the British pound BP, Canadian dollar CD, Dutch guilder DG, German mark DM, Japanese yen JY The minimum volatility of the international currency market for each type of foreign exchange futures offer minimum volatility of the provisions of the trading floor, the brokers bid or call can only be a multiple of the minimum volatility of the eight major foreign exchange futures contracts are as follows; pound 0.0005 premiumrebateforex.S. HowForexRebatesWork, Canadian dollar 0.0001 U.S. dollars, the Netherlands guilder 0.0001 U.S. dollars, the German mark 0.0001 U.S. dollars, the Japanese yen 0.0000001 U.S. dollars, the Mexican peso 0.00001 U.S. dollars, the Swiss franc 0.0001 U.S. dollars, the French franc 0.00005 U.S. dollars; daily stop amount daily stop amount is a futures contract in a day than the previous trading days settlement price higher or Below the maximum fluctuation of eight foreign exchange futures contracts, the amount of the stop is as follows: Mark 1250 U.S. dollars, Japanese yen 1250 U.S. dollars, Swiss francs 1875 U.S. dollars, Mexican pesos 1500 U.S. dollars Dutch guilders 1250 U.S. dollars, French francs 1250 U.S. dollars, once the offer exceeds the stop amount, the transaction is invalid