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Foreign exchange fundamental analysis need to pay attention to what issues

A, bestforexrebaterates How Forex Rebates Work fundamental analys premiumrebateforex overview of the so-called fundamental analysis HowForexRebatesWork foreign exchange, specifically refers to the analysis of the core elements affecting an economic entity (such as the foreign exchange cashback forex, stock market, etc.) by analyzing social or other factors, economic indicators, political measures, etc. to predict macro price movements If we consider the foreign exchange market as a huge clock, the fundamentals are the gears that provide the power cashbackforexreview clockwork Forex trading, fundamental analysis depends on specific fundamental data, the concept of fundamentals can be understood in detail ("What is Forex Fundamentals") in foreign exchange trading, whether it is technical analysis or fundamental analysis their role is to help investors better understand and master the foreign exchange market trends and fluctuations in the law, so you can develop a suitable foreign exchange trading strategy therefore technical analysis and Fundamental analysis is essentially the same, but in the use of methods to distinguish between the two, foreign exchange fundamental analysis notes 1.economic data on the foreign exchange market is reflected in the impact of economic data on the exchange rate, economic data can reflect the current development of the national economy and a key factor in determining the exchange rate is the balance of payments, the balance of payments surplus or deficit will be reflected in a countrys Foreign exchange market if the balance of payments surplus means that the supply of foreign exchange is temporarily greater than the demand for foreign exchange, that is, the supply of foreign exchange is greater than demand, then the foreign exchange rate should fall (depreciation), and its relative local currency exchange rate should rise (appreciation); and when the balance of payments deficit, there is bound to be downward pressure on the local currency exchange rate, the need for foreign currency exchange rates to rise 2. Inflation rate on the foreign exchange market is expressed in Changes in prices, which will have an impact on the competitiveness of a country or economys goods and services in the world market In addition, the inflation rate will also affect the real interest rate and affect the foreign exchange market supply and demand and exchange rates When a countrys inflation rate is high, the countrys real interest rates fall, the real rate of return on investment for investors will fall, the outflow of funds affect the exchange rate 3. We say that most of the employment data is concerned about the non-farm payrolls data consumption needs to be concerned about the PPI and CPI data if the data is greater than expected and the previous value is easy to produce a surge in the market, if greater than expected than the previous value, then it is also dominated by the rising market, if the data is both less than the previous value and less than expected then generally to fall in the market is dominated by the foreign exchange fundamental analysis is an economic science is also a technology. Many foreign exchange investors find it very difficult to apply, so experience and knowledge in the analysis and application of fundamental factors is very important we can use the following ways to improve: 1. systematic study and research of basic economic theory, micro and macroeconomic theory in-depth understanding of 2. Even if you focus on one or two currency pairs in forex trading, you have to look at the whole financial market, the globalization of the economy has a whole body, do not ignore any influence factors 4.