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Before bestforexrebateratestroducing you to the simulation of cashbackforexreview in How Forex Rebates Work premiumrebateforex software which HowForexRebatesWork good, let us revisit the concept of speculation in foreign exchange: foreign exchange basics What is speculation in foreign exchange? Foreign exchange is expressed in foreign currency for international settlement of payment certificates speculation foreign exchange is frankly a form of investment foreign exchange margin trading (also known as speculation foreign exchange), for the global foreign exchange cashback forex is the same as the stock market, but the foreign exchange market daily fluctuations are not as large as the stock market, the rate of return is small simply foreign exchange trading, known as speculation foreign exchange to the currency exchange rate between countries as a benchmark, so according to the foreign exchange real-time The foreign exchange market is the same as the spot silver market, facing the international market, the whole market is in accordance with the market changes to change the speculative foreign exchange market mainly includes the central banks, commercial banks, non-bank financial institutions, brokerage companies and large inter According to international statistics, the international foreign exchange market daily turnover of an average of more than 5 trillion U.S. dollars simulated speculation foreign exchange simulation speculation refers to investors in the formal entry into the foreign exchange market before opening a foreign exchange demo account, which usually provides virtual funds such as 10,000, 100,000 ranging, and then use the virtual funds for simulated transactions, the demo account has all the functions of the real account, the investor on the Simulation of foreign exchange trading in the real foreign exchange trading environment is equivalent to the simulation of speculation in foreign exchange, for investors who intend to enter the market trading, simulation of speculation in foreign exchange can make it familiar with foreign exchange trading mode, the initial concept of foreign exchange trading, in order to achieve the purpose of skilled foreign exchange trading simulation of speculation in foreign exchange and real speculation in foreign exchange difference simulation of speculation in foreign exchange and real speculation in foreign exchange is the most essential difference between the capital, other market trends, technical analysis, the use of tools, etc. The inner difference is the difference in mentality, investors in the simulation of foreign exchange is usually curious, play-based, so the order to consider more casual; but in the opening of a real account due to the pressure from their own funds, investors will become indecisive, cautious, and therefore will lead to missed opportunities, the wrong trend and even failed transactions simulation of foreign exchange speculation can make Investors take the lead in mastering foreign exchange trading software and experience the market situation, but also risk-free through the theory combined with practice on foreign exchange technical indicators and foreign exchange plate sense to have a quick upgrade, is the investor in the real speculation foreign exchange before the mandatory course simulation of the software simulation speculation foreign exchange trading software used in the most common is the MT4 trading software, not only speculation foreign exchange, and speculation gold, speculation crude oil, speculation Stock index futures can use MT4 trading software just starting foreign exchange investors are recommended to start learning MT4 software operation, later can be replaced according to personal preferences MT5 or GTS and other operating software is worth mentioning is that currently there is no domestic foreign exchange platform and simulation of speculative foreign exchange software, basically by some domestic companies in the agent foreign exchange platform under such a general environment, how to identify quality platform becomes the investor. How to identify quality platforms has become a top priority for investors