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Cheng Peng --- Roc computer intelligent trader moving super rabbit quiet victory over the virgin

Cheng Peng studio How Forex Rebates Work quite difficult to f HowForexRebatesWorkd, although the studio is located in the Chu Tian futures brokerage company is cashback forex out of the scope of the Beijing Asian Games Village business district, but no one would have thought it in the Asian Games Village after the villa is so quiet cashbackforexreview secretive I finally found this hidden company, found this quiet villa hall in an office, in that quiet corner, there are a few mysterious computers that do not easily show people to greet me is a scholar-like figure, he gave me his hand: I am Cheng Peng in a flash, I understood why this thing called the Roc computer automated bestforexrebaterates decision premiumrebateforex produced here here environment, here people, and I am familiar with the noisy trading room, sitting on their backs in a large room full of computers sofa, hidden behind the smoke coming out of the mouth What is that picture? I have never seen such a chart in the past I pointed to the computer screen and said the interview started here Cheng Peng: this chart is my own design, called "trading points and trading direction schematic" it is my trading system automatically drawn in real time, the chart clearly identifies the system analysis of the trading direction, trading points and stop-loss and take-profit price chart The role of the system, one is to facilitate investors to intuitively understand the systems trading situation, the second is to facilitate our system maintenance reporter: from these charts, the success rate of this trading system is very high the efficiency of the system indicators in the end how? Cheng Peng: The efficiency index of the trading system is affected by many factors, its work object or working environment is the risk trading market, therefore, in the face of the risk trading market this complex system to talk about the efficiency of the trading system, it is impossible to have a standard measurement protocol like the mechanical performance measurement, can only take the historical statistics as the reference value of the index on the system in the past one year of operation, the success rate is about 92%, of course, the error rate is 8%, the maximum continuous error is not more than two ...... reporter: and slow, I saw some foreign statistics, the maximum continuous loss of the trading system reached as many as eight times, how can your system to ensure that it is not more than two times? Cheng Peng: I have also seen this report, and also specifically pointed out that the system with eight consecutive losses is a simple averaging system In fact, the averaging system often encounter price crossing back and forth above and below the average, so that the price crossing to determine the direction of the averaging system with continuous losses. For example, we can set an upper and lower limit on the mean, and if the price does not cross the upper or lower limit, it will not be considered as crossing the mean, thus, reducing the number of consecutive loss signals. Or is the price movement of high-level oscillations at this time, the normal trading strategy should not be to let the oscillations lead you by the nose, but to temporarily lock the position on the first, and then, using some kind of market perception method to sense that the period should not pass after unlocking Of course, I am just an example here, there are many strategy processing methods such as, my system strategy library there is a strategy called " For example, there is a strategy in my systems strategy library called "insurance trading", which in most cases "insures" the trade, and the insured trade will not result in a loss even if it turns out to be wrong. Okay how are the profitability indicators of your trading system? Cheng Peng: the monthly investment rate of the system is approximately equal to the risk control rate of a transaction in which the risk control rate of a transaction refers to each transaction "ready to lose how much" the loss of how much is measured by the loss of the percentage of the investment amount, so, called a transaction risk control rate reporter: this statement for many investors may be Since we are here to invest, of course, want to make money, how can each transaction "prepared to lose how much" it? Cheng Peng: Mature risk trading investors should agree that the necessary losses in risk trading are the necessary price to pay for a profitable investment, so the psychological preparation for each futures trading investment should be "how much to prepare to lose". "The system is bound to set the stop loss price at the same time as each trade is opened, and when the price hits the stop loss price, the system will stop the loss. This proves the law of "bad luck is good luck". Therefore, there is no loss of preparation but lead to greater losses, practice and theory have proved the existence of the philosophy here Cheng Peng: Yes, to make money first to have a loss of preparation for example, you as an investor, each transaction is prepared to lose 5% of the total investment, then, according to my system for trading, generally will get 5% of the monthly winnings ...... reporter: then I am prepared to lose 100% each time how? Cheng Peng: that can not, if it happens to let you catch a loss for the first time, your capital is gone, you do not want to win In addition, my system allows up to two consecutive losses, so, in fact, each transaction can not be greater than 30% of the reserve loss, you should at least give the system to encounter continuous losses after still be able to win the opportunity well! "Drip ......", is saying, a computer suddenly called itself, a very competent 30-something young man walked in, with the mouse on the screen point by point introduced, this is Mr. Chengs assistant Xiao Yang, mainly responsible for customer investment management reporter. Why do you use the mouse to click on the screen, is the transaction is not fully automated? Yang: just ring the bell just prompted our system to trade, the trading process is fully automated, the instructions have been sent down through the network to the exchange point mouse just to turn off the audio reporter: see the actual operation of the system, indeed, is moving super rabbit, static victory over the virgin, at least out of the human manipulation of physical and psychological limitations, giving people a lot of confidence at present, the studio is there a plan to absorb investment? Yang: Of course, the studio was built soon, so, despite the capacity of the market limits, but we still have a certain amount of money to absorb the space of the end of the interview, see the studio wall is posted: moving super rabbit, static victory over the virgin, dynamic and static who can rival the electronic? The character of steel, iron discipline, how can the devil shake my steel body! Talent is more than eight buckets? How much more than a thousand years of experience? The first automatic trading robot in the field of venture capital in China, this is your portrait, go well!