How Forex Rebates Work

As a trader trading makes you suffer from occupational disease

premiumrebateforex refer to the trader here: own funds trad HowForexRebatesWorkg, other peoples funds but have the right to trade on their own, change How Forex Rebates Work: refers to the spirit, way of thinking, three views cashbackforexreview the impact of life for me: I think we should first figure out two things, one thing is, whether you find the trader job or the job to find you? The second thing is, what do you think of cashback forex as when you look for private equity, there has always been a very strange thing, most of the people who do bestforexrebaterates really want to find a traders job can find a private equity firm very smoothly, and is the case of the companys leadership is very happy to enter and then I talk to them, always very envious of them to be able to do trader, because that is what I always wanted to do but did not have the opportunity to do But they replied to my words are roughly the same meaning, "in fact, there is nothing, the end is to see the performance, can not do, can not do, a little way, unlike other industries can rely on other mix, I want to change jobs sooner" to me a very disappointed feeling, I tend to rushed, but he abandoned like a piece of cake Later I figured out that this is actually a sense of belonging, that is, the three views, the way of thinking on the sense of belonging after a certain degree of material life, is ultimately to find a sense of belonging in the spirit of marriage or work or dating, are such that we go looking for work, look at education, skills, experience, background, but it seems that very few people look at the spiritual state can be precisely the spiritual state The problem determines everything we do at work in life, so finally we go to look for work this thing, he actually still want to find their own spiritual sense of belonging wages are not important, of course, in the beginning of course, important, then after the food? Do not talk about you have to do a big business, in the community after a stable foothold, is it still need so much to get yourself excited, to once again experience the kind of long time no wholeheartedly forget to put in a sense of pleasure? Is there sometimes we will go after something, not for the sake of fame or profit, just to meet their own deepest desire to do things, even if it is a very time-consuming and laborious, very unappealing, in the eyes of others may even look a little ridiculous things so we have to ask ourselves, is it still this feeling after making money now, is it complete after going through a whole trading cycle to feel I seriously put in patience, and then the market gave me a good return, the kind of happy to meet their own inner sense of achievement any industry will have a variety of conditions and thresholds at the beginning, (this article from the forex academy) but put the long-term vision, ten, twenty, thirty years later, you really care about their own inner piece of heaven and earth I said I was actively choose to trade, and then trading this work also recognized I I just like the positive hard anal people, trading this job also need to have this quality, what I have to change? To say that I do back to the real themselves the second thing to say is very funny, I just joined the industry, like all of you, the delusion of trading and life on the same line because in a beginners view, so many high people cattle people have failed miserably in front of trading, I am here not painful hard work what virtue and how can the trading thing well so I decided to spend a lifetime of time to study trading personal ability is extremely limited, in The trend of the times in front of the national policy is not even a grain of sand to engage in business, to make money, not only personal ability and struggle, but also look at the sky, look at the general trend, the general direction, youthful indiscretion is not possible Previously, I despised speculation, I think not by the real ability, the real level, what is the thing, and then understand, unless you really have the ability to engage in scientific research and artistic creation, otherwise not all speculation, which industry is not speculation, speculation What to see, not or look at the general trend of the general direction, see the right general trend can do up personal efforts? Personal efforts in front of the trend is not worth mentioning operating a private equity firm, to promote, to finance, to find customers, to talk to customers, to roadshows, these are things, and each thing is very important, and then also care about the market has no market (this article from the Foreign Exchange Institute) where is a person to get fixed? So in terms of ordinary people, can do a good job, really good unconditional recognition of their own limitations, and then you will understand that many things should not worry about themselves, so at the beginning of the trading thing and the whole life on the equation will be very tired, feel the failure of trading, their whole life also failed but in fact, your personal factors in the trading thing can account for too small a proportion, unless you have Unless you already have a huge amount of money in hand to sway the market predator, otherwise its just a ride on the market, we talk about entry trading to see the timing, in the right time to enter than what is important indicators or technical analysis or fundamental analysis, the timing is right these are correct, the timing is not right are bullshit so that win money is not really your technical bull, is the external factors with you, external factors are accounted for the bulk, you just incidentally The response to it is just and then come out to see, since many things I can not help, so I still have a lot of time right? I still have a lot of friends to go out and have a good time, right? I can also find some of their favorite music to listen to, read a good book, see a wonderful movie, play a Star then trading it is just part of life, from the original full weight down to one-sixth After all, life is not only the immediate meticulous, there is wine and small Fang for trading this kind of more free work, occupational disease, such things, are forced out of themselves every day to look at this thing very heavy. Mental problems do not have the ghost