How Forex Rebates Work

A few operating suggestions after being hedged

  We should be open to accept bestforexrebateratesg m How Forex Rebates Worktakes while constantly summarizing premiumrebateforex improving our own trading operations We should respect the market and face the reality, after all, we have to fumble around in this market, often summarize some successful experiences and lessons learned from failures, which is very beneficial for our future operations The key is to cashback forex mistakes after After that, we should be more sensible, make the right decision in the next operation, and not make the same mistake again. HowForexRebatesWork know someone who is trapped at a high level, if I cashbackforexreview it now, it will be much cheaper than what he bought, and I will have already made a profit when he is unsettled. There are some other more peculiar ideas and so on, these ideas are very wrong and very dangerous, so investors must have the correct judgment and objective basis when buying, we buy currency is to make money, not because the cheap to buy, or the current price than others to buy the cheap to buy should be the currency to rise, can bring us profit to buy to do foreign exchange trading and buy life The currency you buy is for the purpose of appreciation and profit, right? So investors should have the appropriate operating strategy for different market conditions I often receive letters from some investors, the letter will always raise a variety of issues, but the most asked questions is the hands of the position is set, the next step to do? If the position in hand is profitable, of course, this is good to deal with, regardless of the closing point is good or bad, is ultimately profitable, but is the problem of earning more or less if the hedge, the trouble naturally came to be honest, every time I received the investor was hedged after the help of the mail, I really difficult, after all, is a loss well I always think, how can you buy in this position? How can I buy at this position? This position simply does not make sense to buy although our title for this chapter is ?quot;What to do after an operational error? But I still have to say, why not solve the problem in the moment of buying it? Why is it only after the operation error is trapped to realize it? As if we invest in foreign exchange trading is to buy a set of words, although not good, but there are indeed some of these investors, the same mistakes to often make, not necessarily wake up in the investment activities of these investors, constantly repeating the buy - set - waiting to unsettle - - buy again - set again. --buy again --set again the vicious circle said so much, then after the operation error in the end what to do? I want to explain from the following three aspects First, according to the position in hand, the following treatment: 1, lightly hedged investors, you can use the rebound market to unwind out, or reduce positions at high; 2, high hedged investors, you can also make the operation of partial reduction of positions at high, so that in the next wave of the market can occupy the psychological and financial initiative Second, according to the technical state of the bought currency to make the following treatment If the coin you bought is in the middle, you can wait and see according to the situation at that time, in order to unwind and leave the market or reduce your position at the high level to reduce the loss. The third is to make the following treatment according to the trend state of the bought coin: 1. If the bought coin is in an uptrend, there is no need to stop loss, hold patiently for a period of time, it will certainly be unset and even have a greater possibility of profit. 2. If the coin you bought is in a downtrend, once the downtrend has been confirmed, you should immediately stop loss, never suffer from illusions. Investors in such operations, the hands must be hard to be decisive, especially in the downtrend of many investments have such operational experience, after the hedge every day expect to unwind, and finally wait until one day to unwind, and reluctantly: I have taken so many days, how to make some money as a result missed the best opportunity to close the position, when the market re-entered the decline, and ** set eventually complete despair, loss of confidence Cut out this is the most taboo in the downtrend after the set, no matter how to deal with are passive operations, unsettlement is certainly the basic skills that investors must master, but investors should focus on the set before, find ways to improve analysis skills and buying and selling levels, as far as possible to reduce the number of times the set, always occupy the funds and mindset of the initiative which is the most important